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Benelli vs. Berreta vs HK vs 1187 vs new Winchester

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    I owned a Beretta 1201FP "riotgun" and sold it after I moved to Oregon. Everyone who owns it trades or sells it off after the first couple boxes of ammo. I have owned the same gun twice and seen the exact same one with the custom speedloader system I had installed on it in the late 1990s being sold and resold at Oregon gun shows for the last few years. Last time I saw it trade hands was in the $450 price range, but I had originally paid $650 for it and sold it for $600, and once I bought it back for $400. They look good, handle well, carry well, but the recoil with oo Buck is so fierce it is not even funny.

    Here is an article we did recently comparing the Benelli to the HK/Fabarms. I have three Benellis and would be mighty tempted to trade them out for the cheaper Fabarms if the opportunity were to present itself, but the Fabarms is not so much better that it is worth taking a loss on the Benellis if it meant throwing in extra money to fund the deal.

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      So this bastid kicks like a mule. Crap.


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        I have a preban dated Super 90 that runs awesome. Never had a problem with it at all. Get a Super 90 and never look back


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          Right, I have seen some pretty hard core "operators" try the Beretta and simply conclude that it is not worth the pain. Put it in the same category as the S&W Scandium frame .357.

          The crew and I have been doing some more side by side testing and competition between the Benelli and Fabarms shotguns and it is looking like the Benelli is the winner in the reliability department. The Fabarm gun will short stroke if you limp wrist it. I can't hardly induce a jam on the Benelli on purpose with low brass #7 shot. Definitely get the pistol grip stock since it does a lot to reduce recoil.

          Interestingly, the subject of Benellis came up in a conversation I had with one of the Execs at EAA a few weeks ago. He knows the marketing people at Benelli and how their market share is diverse while their product lines are fairly limited and expensive. They consider their brand established when their product is well known and regarded accross the board from trash people in the Ozarks to the rich folk in the northeast with the $1000 Benellis actually taking market share from $250 Mossbergs in a lot of lower middle class rural markets.

          I know Wilson combat and others are doing some supposedly impressive work on the Remingtons, but I have seen a number of those guns jam up and fail with no discernable reason. A good natured rivalry between myself and one of the state SWAT cops at a recent three gun match went solidly in my favor when his custom 11-87 kept failing. The guys with pumps were at the back of the pack and I did not see a significant advantage of the custom 870s over the basic Mossbergs.

          Incidentially, Fabarm broke up with HK and will now be marketed by Sig. We have been told this was over some disagreements in pricing issues so this could mean the Sig marked Fabarm shotguns will be cheaper.

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            LAWCOP, or anyone,

            What is the

            "It is one of the old ones with the solid extended mag. Has a 9 round capacity if you know the lift gate trick."

            exactly what do I do? I just have bought my first Benelli as of two weeks ago.....


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              I almost bought a M1 Super90 a while back, but passed. Lately I've stumbled into a 121M1. Are Super90 style synthetic pistolgrip stocks available for the older 121M1 models?
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                IMHO the Benelli's are the way to go, after an M1S90 I got an M3, both were SWEET.


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                  it really kicks that bad? did it have the recoil pad on?



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                    Yes, the Berettas kick that bad. The come with a recoil pad, but the bad is fairly thin and stiff rubber. They manage to shave a lot of weight off the Beretta compared to the Benelli.

                    I kept the Beretta for a long time as a third string survival gun figuring that I would carry it more than use it in any anticipated survival scenarios. It was when I began doing competition and training more frequently and using the shotgun more that I got tired of the harsh recoil pretty quick.

                    Note, that guy I have the little rivalry with who uses the custom 11-87 went the same route. First the Beretta, then the Benelli, but still did not like the recoil of the Benelli and went to the Remington, which has noticeably softer recoil. He came to that conclusion after going to some intensive courses where they were firing a lot of rounds every day for a couple days at a time (IE 9-5 at the range with a break for lunch). The issue is he may have worn something out in that Remington and if it had been working right, he probably would have beaten me. I usually only beat him one out of five times in any shooting event.

                    Another strong contender is the Fabarm semiauto. They were sold by HK USA, but are now going to be marketed by Sig and supposedly at a slightly lower price.
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