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Benelli vs. Berreta vs HK vs 1187 vs new Winchester

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  • Benelli vs. Berreta vs HK vs 1187 vs new Winchester

    I traded my Mossberg 590 to the I have to buy a new shotgun.

    I hate shooting shotguns! But, I shot my friends 11-87 and said "wow, I might actually enjoy shooting shotguns if I had a semi-auto."

    Sooooo, I am going to buy a Riot Shotgun in semi auto. That is what I woud use it for. Defending the neighborhood in case of a riot. I use pistol indoors for my bedside gun. I would use buck shot and slugs against gangsters should they desire to rape and pillage in my locale.

    Everyone loves the Benelli....some say the Berreta is great...some say it is the same as a Benelli...some like a tricked up 11-87. And some say the new Winchester Super X2 (or whatever it is called) is having some doublefeed problems.

    I want 18" up to 20"
    I want ghost ring sites
    I want extended mag of course

    What do you all suggest?

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    Well, obviously by my "handle", you can guess I'm in the "Benelli camp". However, the Beretta is just as reliable/'sessentially the same gun (and Beretta actually owns Benelli). I bought my Benelli back in '91 and haven't looked back since.....reliablility has been an absolute 100%.....even with light low-brass "field loads"! Sluggish, but it always cycled the action!
    The 1100 and 1187 work well....IF you shoot the right loads and IF the gas system is in good shape. However, gas rings wear out over time and reliablility goes into the crapper soon after. Also, unlike the Beretta/Benelli's recoil operated action, the gas-operated action of the Remmy can be sluggish at times. Remington makes one of the BEST pump-guns in the 870 line....but their semi's come in behind the compatition.
    As for the Winchester....I can't give an honest review 'cause I've never shot one.....I'll pass this one on to someone with more experience with them.


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      FOR SERIOUS work, pumps are just out of play.
      I KNOW, 870s ARE great systems, BUT it is the human element that is the weak link. In combat and competition I have seen too many hesitation, short, jerked, weird attempts to cycle the weapons that they simply weren't designed to cope with.


      I hae seen people who have put $1000+ into their 1187s for the purpose of having them "run almost as fast as a Benelli"
      to have them "work as well as a Benelli"
      to "make them as reliable as a Benelli"

      but they still aren't there.
      I have run at this stage of my life about 40,000 slug and buck through my Super 90 and never replaced a part, never a problem or failure.
      It is one of the old ones with the solid extended mag. Has a 9 round capacity if you know the lift gate trick.

      NOTHING runs or works like them.
      and yes Benelli is owned by Beretta. Look at the little hash marks on the bottom of the trigger guard and you will see they are the same.
      AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
      God carries a 1911.
      Just another day towards 20...


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        Another vote for the Benelli here as well. Mine is about the same vintage as LAWCOP's but wouldn't have had anywhere near as much work (can't afford the ammo you know).

        I've had one problem with mine though, just recently at a 3gun comp it started short cycling & misfeeding. On getting home & stripping it down I found the screw in the end of the buffer had worked loose & was rattling around inside the buffer spring. I was glad to find it was something simple & easily fixed, but it's a reminder that things can go wrong in any sort of machinery...

        That experience hasn't put me off at all, it's still the #1 shotgun as far as I'm concerned.


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          Originally posted by Spiker:
          Mine is about the same vintage as LAWCOP's.
          Seems the three of us are part of the "vintage" Super 90 club LOL! Mine too, is of very early '90s vintage with the one piece, extended mag tube, pistol grip and rifle sights.
          Some people claim that Benelli's won't reliably feed the lighter "tactical" loads. Mine has worked an absolute 100% of the time with everything from 3" MAG slugs down to light trap loads (though she's sluggish on the light stuff). The only load my Benelli hasn't operated with are 12ga. marine flares! (and their ain't a semi in existence that will!).
          They claim that if you hang too much "stuff" of a Benelli, reliability will suffer....but my Benelli has cycled said trap loads with afully loaded Side Saddle shell carrier on the receiver!
          I'll tell you, in 12 years and countless-thousands of rounds of 12ga down range, my Benelli has done everything it's been asked to do without compromise....without exception. Yes, they're not the most "economical" shotgun...but then, people don't give a second thought to dropping $800 for an AR-15.....don't be afraid of the Benelli's price tag! It's an investment that you'll have for years to come!


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            I used to have an M1S90 and it was a sweet shotgun. I traded it aeay at a stupid time in my life but I really liked shooting it. It was fast too. For the money I'd probably go for the Beretta at this point. The 1201FP can be found under $600, and if it is basically the same gun, why pay $900 for what you can get for $600?

            I picked my M1 up for $550 back in the erly 90's. It was a police trade in that was like new.


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              I'm with LAWCOP, the Benelli is the "Finest, Fastest, Combat Shotgun in the WORLD" I like the 870 but he pointed out it's weakness. The benelli's just keep going.


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                I've owned the Beretta FP1201 and an 11-87P with work done on it and I liked the 11-87P, better. Bear in mind, this was an early Beretta with no recoil pad and after a day of shooting "00," "000," and slugs, my shoulder looked like raw hamburger. I understand that Beretta corrected this problem with the newer guns. If you don't mind cleaning and maintaining the gun, go with the 11-87 and especailly the P model. If, you plan on a more "military role," go with either the Beretta or the Benelli as they have fewer parts and aren't effected by powder buildup as much as the 11-87's or any gas operated weapon can be. traintrackker


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                  Thanks guys...I bought a Benelli a couple of days ago.

                  Took me forever to get the extended mag working..will take it out over the weekend to shoot.

                  thanks again.


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                    Super 90 all the way!


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                      I've HAD the Benelli Super90 M1(PG stock is TOOOO long) and the Remington 11-87P(Slooooow to reload, but makes a great boat anchor!)....and absolutely LOVE the Beretta 1201FP(check my handle). [img]smile.gif[/img]

                      BTW...the Beretta 1201FP is the SAME gun as the Benelli Super90 M1, with a few minor cosmetic changes and 1 less round capacity....which actually make the 1201FP SIMPLER to operate.

                      Now to get familiar with my newest 'toy': A Benelli 121M1. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                        I have the best of both worlds! Do I ever love my M3!


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                          congrats on getting your benelli. i used to have a 90's M1, and i sold it to a buddy, and got a 90's M3 (one piece extended mag and rifle sights). loved the M1 and love the M3 just the same, but i can cycle all kinds of non-lethal load thru it with the pump. can't put a side saddle on the M3 without alteration tho.
                          anyways, with the benelli, you'll be saying 'what, me worry?'



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                            You guys have about got me convinced. I ran 250-300 rds through my 1187P w/o a hitch, though I'm sure there will be one eventually. I want a reliable semi shotgun. I'll need to sell my 1187P all dressed up before I can do this. Where can I get a Beretta 1201FP at a low price?



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                              i saw one of those AK's in 12 gauge at the last 3-gun.....with a hand made 20 round candyapple red coated one piece real long removable was smokin fast and did not miss a in a plastic steam of empties....very cool !