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CQB hearing protection minor product test

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  • CQB hearing protection minor product test

    First of on "ANY" ear plugs read the "NRR" factor, second usually "BANGS" are in the mid to low pitch sounds, but in high "intensitiy" volumes, our ear is more sensitive to sounds around the 1500 Mhz area (ie Telephone tone) than 125 to 500 Mhz sounds but that does not mean that they do not affect our ears, infact the "ringing" that you hear in your inner ear s due to "harmonics" and not the sound it's self altouth that "sound" starts the harmonic proliferations and once the correct one hits your ear it's "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEnnnnn" heaven, at least that's what i understood from the little reaserch i did.

    Now as for the NRR factor, i hope this site help you as much as it did me.


    now here are some of the best on the market. (or so the "range master big grand masta" says:

    Reusable Ear Plugs

    Ear Plugs, Hearing Protection

    Earmuffs - Hearing Protection

    Cap Mount Ear Muffs

    Now the best combination i found was to have ear plugs and muffs on at the same time but then again you have to take out the muffs when you want to hear a conversation, but the "bang" you will hear will not be resulting from "heard" sounds but more from "felt' sounds as you will feel it comming from the inner ear "when you hear your hear pounding".

    In general any kind of muffs and/or pluggs will attenuate the sound a trick i was tought by my wife's little brother was to dip the plug into "mild" hot water for 10 minutes and then to shuve them into your ear so that they take a "band" to your ears shape and they tend to work slightly better since they get a better seal. ( same principle as in boxing with the teeth protection device when you heat it up for 2 minutes )

    Anyway on my way up to the range i baught another pair of plugs, both designed for "airsoft" use "howards" makes about the best in that market.
    (so i was told)

    so i bought a few of em

    #1 HLI DPAS-30R for 1.17$ a pair they come attached with a wire "vinyle" and theyr "disposable" not a bad fit but you only feel like the third "big" ring is in contact with your ear and after 2 hours it starts to eat you up from the inside, and the wire is pretty handy once you want to get them out.

    #2 HLI DT-30 65 $ the pair,
    D-Tek can last for months when cleaned with mild soap and water and stored safely in their reusable flip-tip box
    they seem to be alot better on the "Fit" side and the wire connecting them is "heavier" duty efficiency wise it's not the best of the whole lot.

    #3 MAX1-USA and MAX30-USA respectively 5$ and 17$ the pair they look like "bugles" and they are the best attenuation wise the cone shape on the outside actually seems to bounce noises off rather than attenuate them, and they fit like a gluve, the MAX30 was the most attenuating of the whole lot, and the fact that they are made out of foam like the foam in kids toys makes them cumfy as heck.

    #4 MAX Lite 4$ but not as good i'm not going to bother it's about the size of the above but it's not "bugle" like and is attached with "the" vinyle wire system they all seem to have.

    #5 SURE FIT they have the same "specs" and feel as well as attenuation as the "HLI DT-30" but since they are disposable they go for give or take 2$

    All he had was Howards
    Sorry i not have more time to get anything else, but if anyone wants ear plug for half price ring me (joke) [img]tongue.gif[/img]

    And BTW my wife's Brother kicked my arse, scores were tied until the 50yards range but at the 70 i scored 30/80 and he 75/80 then we did the "kill house" and he had 85% in 28 seconds took me 42 and with 45%, although neither of us never did that course.

    "thank you lord for teaching me humility" i hate loosing to relatives

    Enjoy, Stay Safe and Keep Shooting.