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Is wolf shotgun ammo safe for U.S. shotguns?

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  • Is wolf shotgun ammo safe for U.S. shotguns?


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    I've never even seen Wolf shotgun ammo. How long has it been available?

    He He... laughing to myself at the idea of green lacquered "brass" on shotgun shells....
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      I used some on monday at the range the ammo is actualy made in germany so says the box the top of the shell is open with a cardboard disc on top holding every thing in it shot fine but its not crimped in ward at the top makink a 2/3/4 inch shell almost a 1/4 inch longer the resul is 1 less round of your shotgun mag tube but at $2 a box price is right for practice.


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        You can get it from J&G sales for $1.38 per rds.
        for case of 250 rounds of buckshot.