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  • Has Anyone Tried The EasyLoader ...

    for a Remington 1100/1187? I just received a Delta Force catalog and on page 22 there is a device that replaces the "carrier release button" on the Rems. I hate the tiny button that Rem uses and this EasyLoader looks like it would help on fast reloads! They claim that with this device, it will make the Rem the fastest loading shotgun on the market (barring the fumble fingers of the guy doing the loading).

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    if i didn't use speed loaders i probably wouldn't have one....they are sort of a pain to put on but work really well.....mine is very sensitive so if you touch it with the bolt back the bolt will close....there was something you can file on so it won't be so sensitive but i would have had to take it off to do it and once i got it on no way was i going to take it off again.....seems like one of those jobs that requires all your hands fingers and toes.....Dick