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Winchester 1400 / any good?

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  • Winchester 1400 / any good?

    I have a chance to pick up a like new Winchester 1400.Are they good guns can they be counted on for home defense.Well what do you think?

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    Its an OK shotgun for hunting but, being a gas gun with the front half of the magazine tube also being the gas cylinder, it will only hold 2 rds in the magazine. I'd want something with a bit more firepower for HD use.


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      A new 1400? They haven't been made for several years. Unless it was purchased years ago and never shot.

      I will give you my typical response to 1400 questions.

      I have one, have had it since 1975, a gift from my father. It has never jammed, never failed to ignite a round, very trustworthy.

      It has killed everything from starlings, rabbits, quail, pheasants, ducks, geese, squirrels, just about everything.


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        Long story on this one.I bought it in 92 didnt shoot it much,had money problems a year later and had to sell it.The guy I sold it to took it home and never opened the case never used it.I got the chance to buy it back.


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          While you are talking about it (1400).

          I replaced a broken extractor on my buddies gun and now I can't get this thing together and working. I've read the manual and a shop manual and still can't figure it out. Any quirks with this gun?


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            I once forget to cock an auto shot gun before I took it apart.It wouldnt go back together untill I cocked the action.


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              I'll make sure I did that?