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  • Opening doors and meeting new people :)

    So I was looking at AR's and I do like the platform while not totally modular I wanted to "Hang things off the weapon". Oh not lights or lasers or bayonets nothing silly like that, gosh I just thought wouldn't it be cool to have a shotgun or 37mm something with more diversity you know because I want to be inclusive

    So what do you think?
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    That thing is just a big ol' 12-gage double-action revolver! I'm thinkin' in that "stand-alone" configuration the flash from the barrel/cylinder gap would probably burn your nose hairs.

    (I bet you could get into big trouble if you assembled it "stand-alone" and used the short barrel from the AR-mounted version.)
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      I just watched the live action of "Ghost in the Shell" and Batou uses the shotgun paired with a FNP-90 without the sexy curves. Rather impressive appearance. It was easy to make it out as he changed cylinders for reloading. Yakuza bar scene.
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      Call me John, just an old man with opinions.