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  • PDW pistols?

    So a high capacity carbine or these real short pistols? I'm sort of bothered by the massive size and the limited capacity but could get used to the idea of a big bad bulky pistol as long as it works every time.

    CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 9MM PISTOL OD GREEN (max capacity 10 but it is politically correct with all the rails new shooters require)

    CHIAPPA PAK-9 9MM AK PISTOL Massive package 3 10 round mag's (politically correct with all the rails new shooters require)

    or the old school tried and true low tech reliability with high capacity and in your face firearms

    Mini-Uzi pistol in 45ACP - 10 and 16 round mags (Still heavy and bulky without rails)
    mini-Uzi pistol in 9mm - 3 mags 1(10), 1(25) and 1(32) round magazines same as above in style and weight

    Full size Uzi Pistols - .45ACP 1(10 round), 1(22 round) magazine. 9mm 3(32 round) magazine.
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    I like the CMMG Banshee which I posted in the post below this one. You can get it in either 9mm or .45. It takes standard Glock, although for .45 I'd want some aftermarket mags since Glock doesn't make a mag over 13 rounds for the .45. What I like about the Banshee is that is delayed blowback, which should make it more suppressor friendly. While I was a bit leery of the design at first, it's been out a year now and the reviews are solid.

    As for MACS, I actually have a registered Cobray M11/9 (with the fun switch). Eh, it could be a lot better. At least the Banshee/ MP-5 and Scorpian Evo give you a real platform to shoot from.


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      I have seen the carbine M10 in 45ACP, same with the M11 in 9mm and it even had ribs I'm guessing to cool the barrel and once held and shot a FA M12 in 380ACP it was so fast it felt like a vibrator in your hands and then it was empty. Those closed bolt versions are within my price limit nothing over 1K for a PDW pistol. I saw some PTR's but a 308 is a total waste when it comes to a pistol design. Same for a 5.56x45 it seems like most of the energy is expended in noise/flash.

      I had lusted after a kriss but it's over the price point and all of the others mentioned above were under so that is why I kind of centered on them. Many of the sellers now are adding the pistol brace and I think it's too close to a SBR and don't want some know it all agency trying to stick me in their pocket for something questionable. Same reason I stayed away from the AOW's. I honestly thought the 3 shot serb was a neat idea small and compact but I can see questions being asked and the ATF has always been fickle on what they allow today and ban tomorrow so I would rather not invest the cash in a fun toy only to be forced to turn it in or face time/fine.

      I can see the sense in a PDW pistol over a rifle or carbine just because of it's compact size. I can see it being a platform for a light/laser or red dot just because of low light confined spaces. This coming from a guy that hates rails but they can be useful in the right situations.
      Call me John, just an old man with opinions.


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        Well PTR does make an MP-5 clone now. So that's one version in 9mm. Unfortunately, it's not under 1k. Although Palmetto State Arms is threatening to bring out an MP-5 clone for just under 1k. We can hope.

        Still the CMMG Banshee would be the "cheaper" option for me as it takes Glock mags. You can't just look at the price of the gun. 9mm Glock mags are cheap and reliable.


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          I had a CZ Scorpion a couple of years back. It was OK, but the chassis was rather bulky. It was well made though, accurate, and light.

          I much prefer the Swiss B&T GHM9 but haven't yet bought one.
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            Gat Daily had a special article on kits and discrete packs to hide or carry without scaring the poo out of the sheep. I like the old work bag or when going for long range events a Golf bag, nobody thinks twice around these parts.
            Call me John, just an old man with opinions.