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Question About Lever-Action Shotgun

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  • Question About Lever-Action Shotgun

    What makes me ask this is recently I was browsing around for pINc (politically IN-correct) tee shirts - (mostly what I wear since I retired - and I saw one with the slogan "too old to fight, too slow to run, but I can shoot" and it had the picture of a sawed-off shotgun that was lever action. I have to say, that thing looked like pure death!

    But that set me to wondering how effective would that be?

    I browsed around the 'net and I found that the shotgun that Arnold's character used in Terminator II was just such a beast, and that the director had a special slicked up and balanced gun made that he actually took to Arnold's house so that he could practice with it operating it with that one-handed flip while on the motorcycle. (I actually never noticed that it was a lever gun in all the times I watched that movie.)

    But the question is: "How effective would that thing actually be?"
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    I have one of the 1887 copies if you want to try it. It only takes 2.75 inch shells.
    I would not take it to a turkey shoot but it seems to pattern ok.
    You have to work the lever like you mean it.
    I'm down in Falmouth now.