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  • Tommyguns!!!!!

    Slightly deceiving (sorry) but the real question is about magazines and drums. Age and value.

    I just bought an original West Hurley Semi auto 1927A1. Not that Kahr Arms crap...Broken firing pins in less than 700rds......

    It came with a 50rd L drum and 15 mags.

    Here are some questions.

    The L drum is is great condition, parkerized, with no rust or dents just average wear and scratches.
    No Thompson logo, and says Auto-Ordnance Corp. Bridgeport Connecticut with U stamped in each mounting bracket.

    I have 8 Seymore 30rd mags blued and 2 parked.
    4 Crosby 30rd mage blued
    and 4 Auto Ordnance Bridgport Conn parked.

    Now for the SMG purists out there, these 30rd mags have been altered for semi auto use, I don't understand why there would be a difference.

    Are these all WWII aged mags and drum.

    I have seen on Gunbroker a drum just like mine completely rusted out for $1000. Of course no bids, but DAMN just knowing that I have potentially a $1200 drum makes the whole purchase "feel" better. The value of the drum "pays off" the purchase of the whole lot.
    And the mags on Gunbroker range from $37 to $60 each depending on maker.
    What says you guys? I don't want to sell I just like to know what I stumbled upon.

    One more question. What does this Third Hand Device tool DO? I see them for sale.
    I thought it was for helping you load the mags and drums into the gun.

    I realized that there is a little lever in the front of the mag well, that when lifted locks the bolt back... I didn't think the Tommy had a bolt hold open on empty mag device, but there is it.
    I was wondering why the bolt wouldn't close on the empty 30rd mags. I thought I jammed it in too far.


    The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...

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    Thanks for all who clicked. I guess we don't have Thompson people here. I got the needed info on another forum.
    Alls ok

    The answers were most of my 30rd mags are standard contract WWII worth about $30 each, and the drum is stand common WWII $500 at best. Still close to $950 in value worth of accessories for make the purchase "feel" better. The same type of guns are being listed for same price or more and don't include all of the extra mags.
    I'm thrilled it came with a 50rd drum, more thrilled that its vintage.
    I loaded it up today and gave it 10clicks and shot it at steel.... Heavy long gun with poor sights but still fun and the recoil was 0. I was wearing ear pro but I swear that if I took it off the gun would be hearing safe. I did not test that theory.

    The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...