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Triple Threat Shotgun

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  • Triple Threat Shotgun

    Cool concept but not sure how practical it would be for defensive use.

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    Re: Triple Threat Shotgun

    I'll take one, 10-12" barrels please.

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      Re: Triple Threat Shotgun



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        Re: Triple Threat Shotgun

        Wonder about the price? I don't think I can trigger a pump quite so fast but I tend to aim my shots anyhow. I can find functional Mossberg 500's for $150 that hold six shots. This would seem a better deal for money spent.
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          Re: Triple Threat Shotgun

          Never having had my hands on one, I can't say for sure, but I'd be concerned about balance on the thing. The center of gravity on that thing is going to be well forward of where I'd instinctively want to grip it, I suspect.

          Interesting novelty, but that's all I see it as being.

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