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  • 1216 Shotgun

    Has anyone seen these yet?

    The wanna be Russian kid tests one out here. Looks interesting:

    It's all fun and eyes until someone looses a game!

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    Re: 1216 Shotgun


    But about 50% overpriced. I can buy and fully deck out a Mossy or an 870 for about $450, and the difference in shot speed between me with a pump and me with a semi-auto is about 0.4 seconds/round.

    If that's going to make a difference, I'm toast anyway. I like the large capacity, but it's not worth double the price.

    If I could get one for $600, I'd think about it, but that's the best I can do. I can already do a "New York Reload" and toss 16 rounds of 12ga downrange just about as quickly as that thing can, assuming that I am bothering to aim.

    I'm not going to toss that much money at something that specialized. I've already got the equivalent in hand here at home, which is the only place I'd probably bother using a shotgun except for hunting.

    If I lived in a large Urban area, I'd want two of those, and quick change mags....But around these parts, I'm not going to have to chase off 500 crazed rioters.

    Or even 50, probably. And if there are 50, that's why I have drums for the AK's.

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      Re: 1216 Shotgun

      I'm betting its kind of heavy.

      I would take a semi-auto over a pump, but I'd probably take a Mossy 930 SPX over that thing (for around 600).


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        Re: 1216 Shotgun

        I think everyone needs at least one reliable extended semi-auto shotgun. A pump is all well and good for a shot or two when standing on your hind legs but try shooting one lying down with just enough cover to keep from being shot. Pumps aren't easy to use from awkward positions.
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          Re: 1216 Shotgun

          Hi Guys, I'm Jason with SRM.

          @AKrazy...Thanks for posting this thread about our 1216!

          @Southern Shark...Actually it's very lightweight! It's only a little over 7lbs.

          If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.