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  • Ranch Hand shooting high

    I have a Rossi Ranch Hand that shoots very high. At 10 yards the groups are a tight circle about 6" above the point of aim. I have adjusted the rear sight all the way down (I guess I could remove the slide to try and get it a little lower). At 25 yards it is off the target!

    Any Ideas on how to get the gun sighted in?

    I really like the gun. It shoots good groups and runs well. I don't want to send it back... It took me too long to get one.


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    Re: Ranch Hand shooting high

    Look, ACEM, the answer is simple. In the first place, to shoot a Rossi Ranch Hand accurately, you have to have an authentic "Real Deal" Woody Harrelson Zombieland hat.

    Here, you can plainly see how Woody, alias, Tallahassee, wearing his trademark Real Deal recycled tarp hat, blows away a charging zombie with his Rossi Ranch hand with one shot.

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      Re: Ranch Hand shooting high

      I'd contact a local smith and see if they could shim the front sight.
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        Re: Ranch Hand shooting high

        Only way I can think of is for you to measure the dovetail widths and then see if you can buy a taller front sight or a rear that will sit lower Sights are measured overall from the bottom of the dovetail cut to the top of the sight. I ran into this sort of mess when I added a set of Tru-Glo's on a Marlin 336. The original sights were fine, was shooting 18" high at 100 yards with the TG's. Do you think Tru-Glo, the seller of this crap offered any help? Naw, I was told to go spend another 20 bucks buying a taller front sight to clean up their mess. It took a front sight a full 1/2" tall to allow zero, FS stood out like a red nose. I yanked the whole pile of crap off my rifle, stuck the original sights back on. That small lesson cost me over 70 bucks. Call Williams sights, they can possibly help.
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          Re: Ranch Hand shooting high

 Rossi. They may offer a free, lower rear sight/taller front sight to you or at least provide and option to fix your rifle.

          I suppose you could file the notch in the flat top buckhorn a little lower and re-black it.

          You might also try Marbles for a lower rear flat top:

          They make rear sights in a bunch of different heights and slot width:

          Google flatop buckhorn sights...a couple outfits still manufacture them.
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            Re: Ranch Hand shooting high

            Cheaper to go with the hat. It won't invalidate your warranty, either.
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              Re: Ranch Hand shooting high

              Tell the ranch hand to aim lower.... (Sorry, couldn't resist)

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