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Best JHP bullet weight for 16" 9mm carbine

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  • Best JHP bullet weight for 16" 9mm carbine

    Bear with me, please. Been thinking-UH-Oh! Trouble! Anyhow I wonder if plus P rounds, say 124 grain might be moving too fast from a 16" barrel, this causing over expansion with less then optimum penetration. If this is correct would a 147 gr bullet offer better performance as in good expansion with sufficient penetration to do the job? I think the 147 is too slow when fired used in typical pistol length barrels, this causing less expansion and too much penetration...would going from a four or five inch barrel to a 16" help the 147 gr hollowpoint do better? Yeah, I stay up too late at night dreaming this stuff up!
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    Re: Best JHP bullet weight for 16" 9mm carbine

    Bullet construction bas come a long way....nowadays there are more options in all bullet weights from 115-147 to pick can get 147 grainers on top of bigger charges of slower powder-those actually benefit from a carbine barrel.PersonLly,I would just pick one like the Winchester Ranger T ,or Hornady TAP-LE to work accross the.board.
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