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Black powder shotguns?

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  • Black powder shotguns?

    I was wondering if anyone was familiar with blackpowder loads for shotguns? I've looked at a number blackpowder shotguns but I havn't seen anything about how many grains powder to use.

    Is it true that barrel length doesn't apply to blackpowder weapons?

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    Re: Black powder shotguns?

    I once asked the same question for an antique shotgun I bought and a guy told me.........

    start with equal amounts of powder and shot. I use 2F, but i would recommend 1F, as it doesn't blow the pattern as often (no one around me sells 1F). load 70 grains of powder or so for a starting load, put two thick felt pad patches over the powder (the kind cabelas sells, or cut them out of a wool insole, the kind sold at dollar stores for boots for hunting and ice fishing; make sure they are well lubed). add an equal amount of shot (make sure not to use steel shot unless the gun has a chrome lined barrel) and add an overshot wad (buy these from cabelas too, or cut them out with a patch cutter from thin poster board or an old deck of playing cards, just the right thickness and stiff enough). cap and shoot. i don't endorse cabelas, but they're site is easy to manuever around, once you find the patches i'm talking about (they're yellow, they're easy to find), search around, i think Dixie Gun Works sells them as well, if you can find the insoles and a patch cutter you'll save a lot of money.

    I hope it helps a bit.

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      Re: Black powder shotguns?

      I purchased a hollow punch (they have a name) the same diameter (plus) of the barrels for my double.
      Put good cardboard on a solid, soft piece of wood (pine 2x4) and punch out a lot of wads.
      BOIL them in criscoe lard and lay out to dry a little.
      Two over powder and one over the shot.

      The seal will be tight enough the wad air pressure will pop your rod out if you pack fast enough. HTH

      I carried the greasy wads in a Skoal can and a holder on my belt.

      No limitations on the barrel length as I know.
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        Re: Black powder shotguns?

        There is a much simpler way! ( not for muzzle loaders)

        Buy a bag of Winchster plastic red wads or any equivalent wad that is very short.

        Hold up one of you shells to a strong light to see where the shot is and mark the bottom with a pen... then marks the space that the wad will use up. Ignore the petals...that is occupied buy the shot. Cut off the top of an empty shell at that mark.

        Using a single stage press such, as a MEC Jr, use the cut off shell as a scoop and dip up 2F powder level with the top. Then pour it into the shell and insert a wad.
        Using the press, add the shot and crimp it just like you would any other shell.

        When you are done loading all the BP shells, mark them with a feklt tip pen so as not to mix them up with your normal smokeless loads.

        This also works using Pyrodex.