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  • Remington 870 price check

    Looking around at a local shop and found a Remington 870 20ga. Looks pretty nice, wood furniture, looks parkerized, maybe. Finish is good, but it is used, IIRC. It's got a 26" bbl, which is longer than I would like, but that's a minor thing, I think. He's asking $215 for it, which sounds good to me, but I admit I'm not up on shotgun values. Thinking mostly of a home defense gun for the wife...figure a 20ga would be easier to handle than a 12ga.

    Also, it's a relatively new shop, only opened in the last few months, maybe, so if he's $10 or $20 high, I don't think I'd make a fuss over it. He's a real decent guy...he didn't have any .45 in stock that I've been in looking for a few times, so he pulled out about 20 rounds of his personal stock and said to keep that in the gun until he can get a few boxes in, so like I said, I don't mind it if he's 10% high or whatever.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Re: Remington 870 price check

    Sounds like an Express model. I just bought a like new Rem. Express 12ga for $200, figger I got a good deal. As 20ga shotguns are harder to find, used, I'd say your price is not too bad at all. I'd buy it. You may never want to extend the mag tube but someone I've seen, possibly Choate makes an extended tube for the 20ga Rem. 870. You would need to either drill out the "dimples" in the tube or figure out some way to push them out enough to allow shells to clear. BTW: I've been inside too many 870 Wingmaster and Express models to count, other than the wood used and the utilitarian metal finish, the less expensive Express is every bit as good as the much higher priced Wingmaster.
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      Re: Remington 870 price check

      I went ahead and got it. Just need to get a box of shells and get the wife to the range with it now.

      Thanks for the input.