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Broken M-1 Stock

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  • Broken M-1 Stock

    Had a garage accident, opened safe door M-1 fell out, I tried to grab it but missed. It hit the lip of the safe and the garage floor and busted the stock. I dam near cried, actually I think I did. This is a Springfield Armory late S/N rifle that I got from CMP. The S/N puts it near the end of production in the 50,s. The handguards are all ok and the functioning pieces are good, just the main stock broke. I did try my hand at repairing and I did get it all back together and it does function with dummy rounds I made up. Whatever the case I do want to get a new stock.

    Looking for sources, any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Broken M-1 Stock

    there is no shortage of where you can find Garand stocks, you can buy newly made stock to used stocks by searching the internet. I even will help you out there;

    but, a big word of caution, don't pay a premium for one because it has cartouches, chances is astronomically high that it will be fake cartouches.

    if however, you have your heart set on one with cartouches, get a used one with no cartouches for cheap and send it out to this guy, and he'll stamp it on for you. because in all likelihood that's what you'll end up buying for a ton of money for one with the cartouches


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      Re: Broken M-1 Stock

      If you're near Anniston or Camp Perry the CMP does have USGI wood for sale when it is available.

      A Garand stock is designed to buttstroke an enemy soldier repeatedly. Yours must have been ready to go.


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        Re: Broken M-1 Stock

        Thanks for the info, I thought it was somewhat odd that the stock broke just from falling over. It is some 70+ years old so I guess it was it's time.


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          Get a new one from CMP. I think you can select the correct markings for your gun. Will be better quality and nicer than original. Sure, not the one she came with but nice wood. Garands are not going down in value. Keep your old stock, get it repaired possibly.
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   has USGI stocks- walnut or hardwood- from grungie to refinished. I got a set of wood to put my newest Garand from CMP in as the new walnut stocks from them are so soft. I ended up with a new rear handguard with metal, used refinished walnut rear handguard and a refinished USGI birch stock walnut stained and added the buttplate/screws/sling swivel for around $160.
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