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CMP Updates 3-24-2011

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  • CMP Updates 3-24-2011

    M1C SNIPER RIFLES NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. RM1CSB - Service grade - receiver base installed. Rifle DOES NOT include scope mount, scope or cheek pad. May or may not have any serial numbers on the bases, but the serial numbers will not match the serial number of the rifle. Price $3,000 plus $22.95 S&H per rifle. Please see for details.

    WINCHESTER M1 GARANDS STILL AVAILABLE. The CMP still has a small quantity of Winchester M1 Garand rifles for sale. Please visit for details.

    VOLUNTEER PROGRAM ANNISTON. We have reinstituted the volunteer program at Anniston. For details, please see

    LOTS OF EXCITEMENT FOR VETERAN AND NEW PISTOL AND RIFLE SHOOTERS AT THE 2011 EASTERN CMP GAMES & CREEDMOOR CUP MATCHES- All interested pistol and rifle shooters, new or experienced, recreation-oriented or national championship contenders, are invited to participate in the unique, national-level competitions at the Fifth Annual Eastern CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches at Camp Butner, North Carolina from 7-15 May. The CMP Games Matches are ideal events for shooters who have little previous competition experience but are looking for an opportunity to participate in a friendly, instructive and rewarding national competition event. Its also a great opportunity for veteran shooters to polish their game and reach out to others new to the sport. For more information, please see

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Orest Michaels
    Chief Operating Officer