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Porter Trophy, Palma match +1000 yd 223

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  • Porter Trophy, Palma match +1000 yd 223

    matches, iron sights yet. :-) The 223 AR's are now doing pretty good. 26" barrels, 90 gr VLD match bthp's, at 2800 fps, still have 1200 fps left at 1000 yds. So much for "needing" more than a 223 for sniping. :-) That performance is 250 + ft lbs remaining at 1000 yds, same as a .38 snub and plus P 158's at 10 ft. Where would you rather have a failure to instantly stop a man, at 1000 yds, where he has no HOPE of hitting you, (BEFORE you have put a 223 thru his chest) or at axe-swinging ranges? yet the .38 snub is "ok", and the 223 is "worthless beyond 300m. :-) Ha. a 24" barrel still expands a 75 gr Hornady plastic tip bullet at 500 yds (over 1800 fps) SAME 550 ft lbs as a 4" .357 and a 125 gr jhp has, at 10 FEET. Again, when the "hittee" has only an AK and can't reliably hit a torso at 50m, why bother to shoot at him at more than 500 yds? Or if you do, why worry if he flops around for a minute or so, before he bleeds out and dies? He isn't going to hit you from there, or charge any closer, either. He'd be pumping blood out of the 223 hole thru him internally, every step, so he'd never make it 1/4 mile. So if you hit him at 600 yds, he still can't get within the rock-throwing distance that goat-herders or rice-farmers need in order to hit a man (who is using prone). Why would you be sniping from any other position, hmm? Or you'd be using cover, nothing but your head showing, and only for a few seconds at a time, as you observe, right.? So he'd have to be inside 10 yds to have a chance at hitting you :-)
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    Re: Porter Trophy, Palma match +1000 yd 223

    Allrrrighty then!

    I use a wheelbarrow to lug my gear around at Camp Perry...a 10/22 and a .38.

    That's all.