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CMP M1 Garand followed me home.

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  • CMP M1 Garand followed me home.

    Well a CMP M1 Garand followed me home this past weekend. It is a WW2 Springfield. It's in good condition and has been reparked. I have a mint condition (almost unfired) H&R that is a safequeen.

    I now have one I can get out and shoot the heck out of and drag around in the woods. Looks like I need to root around and dig out my WW2 cartridge belts and small stash of Grand goodies.

    Need to round up some shooting ammo for this puppy. I may have to break down and start shooting in some matches so that I can get some ammo from the CMP. I have a large stash of 30-06 AP but I do not want to shoot this ammo up. I am saving it for well armored killer groundhogs :<)

    Any body here that shoots CMP matches and can give me some info?

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    Re: CMP M1 Garand followed me home.

    I am saving it for well armored killer groundhogs :<)

    I like the way you think!

    Any body here that shoots CMP matches and can give me some info?

    I've shot a few. What, specifically, do you need to know?

    At our local club you show up, pay the entry fee ($15 for the first relay, $10 for additional relays), draw your ammunition, go to the line and shoot 10 slow fire prone, 10 rapid prone and 10 slow fire standing.

    We shoot a 200 yard course and if you can hold hard, most service grade M1s can keep them in the 9-ring at a minimum. I've watched guys better than me put every shot in the 10-ring with rifles that look like they just came off the front lines in WW2.

    Our club has loaner Garands on hand for anyone in need of a rifle. Sorry, you have to turn them back in!

    I suggest you order some M2 from the CMP. I've never been disappointed with the accuracy of the Lake City, Greek or Korean flavors. They all have scored well for me.

    The J. C. Garand matches and CMP club matches are a hellova lot of fun. You get to see those cherry HRAs, beater SAs and scarce IHCs...but, you'll never see me dragging my Winchester out! She's a safe queen too...heheh!

    We also hold a Military Rifle match right after the Garand match...and your local club just might do the same. I always take one of my Remington 1903A3s along to shoot a relay and maybe a 1896 Swede or Swiss K31. Might as well make a day of it!


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      Re: CMP M1 Garand followed me home.

      I need to find a local club here in the Nashville TN area so that I can start shooting in some matches.

      Just as soon as I get some paperwork I plan to order some stuff from the CMP.

      I got a little of the Greek M2 ball with the gun and I have (gasp) about 200 rounds of the FN 71 ball ammo to play with.

      Looks like a range trip is comming up to p[attern this one and get the sights set.


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        Re: CMP M1 Garand followed me home.


        Here's a list of DCM/CMP affiliated clubs in Tn.;state=TN


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          Re: CMP M1 Garand followed me home.

          Thanks, Campybob!!!!!!!!


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            Re: CMP M1 Garand followed me home.

            My pleasure!

            There's a lot of fun in taking an old, historic and box-stock from the arsenal Garand out and shooting a friendly match with like minded folks.

            Yeah, you'll find 'that guy' that built a race gun with a Krieger pipe, cheater-bedded stock and sneaked in a few NM parts...but, by far it's just a bunch of weekend warriors like me for the most part. Everyone wants to score well and improve, but the accent is on fun and making friends.

            It's the perfect compliment to Service Rifle or High Power shooting and the best break from a steady diet of smallbore 3-Position matches I can think of.

            And don't be like me...addicted to those damned 1903A3's! I swear, I can quite shooting them whenever I want to! Honest! I couls kick the Smith Corona habit just like that! I swear!