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WTK value of CMP Garand

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  • WTK value of CMP Garand

    Below is what I am looking to trade for. Whats it worth?? TIA.

    Nice Springfield Armory Garand with early six digit pre-war serial number , typical rebuild with almost perfect new park and beech replacement stock in exc shape.

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    Re: WTK value of CMP Garand

    Allowing for a Service Grade bore/throat, about $595 + $22 shipping + $100 park job/wood condition...I'ld say about $700-$750.

    If the gage shows field or rack...maybe $600 or so (most are bought as shooters). Lower grades seem more difficult to get a decent dollar out of.

    It's really difficult to guessitmate your market though. Mine is flooded with nice CMP Garands as most of us in the state are no more than a couple hours from Camp Perry.

    The gun show dealers still put crazy prices on them, but they do not sell regardless of condition or rarity. There are lots of 'hand selected' examples walking the gun show aisles, too.


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      Re: WTK value of CMP Garand

      All the M1 Garands that have come through our local gun shop have had price tags in the $800-$900 range.
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