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Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

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  • Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

    I was just curious if an early M1 made in 1940 (Serial #177,xxx) had any more inherent collector value than a later one. I found one that looks in decent shape that was re-barreled in 1964. Wood has a few dings and the forward handguard has been replaced. It was probably refinished at some point since the trigger housing appears to have some minor pitting that was parked over.

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    Re: Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

    It'd probably carry a bit of a premium, but I wouldn't be the person to ask how much it'd be.

    Re-arsenaling of them is so common that it probably doesn't have much effect. If you had one with all matching original 1940 parts, you'd probably have something that'd be worth a fair bit extra, but if it's been through the standard refurb, there are probably parts that have been replaced too, which makes it a curiosity, mostly.

    JMO, though. Hopefully, someone around here is a but more up on that aspect than I am.
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      Re: Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

      Yes, the early ones command a slightly higher price from the very few collectors with the ability, money and patience to track down the early pieces parts...a difficult and expensive proposition.

      And even when complete, it's a 'put-together' and not worth anywhere near what an original, unmolested example to the hardcore collectors (gun show fakirs and cool stories of storming Iwo Jima with that very rifle aside).

      Jefferson stated it correctly, at this point the older re-arsenal, updated variants are more a curiousity than anything else.

      The bottom line...on a typical auction that you'might' be able to get an extra $100/200 over any other equivalent grade Springfield Garand that has been thru refurb a few times.

      In my many times of going thru the racks at Camp Perry I have spotted several sub-1M Garands in all the grades/conditions. The CMP didn't think they were worth anything extra...


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        Re: Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

        Whew! Wish I had mine from when I was in DC. Nuttin' but sharp!
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          Re: Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

          Thanks for the input. It's a nice piece non-the-less!


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            Re: Pre-WWII Garand Collector Value

            I bought one in 93 from Rosie's in Augusta, GA for $199, SN 81,XXX. She had an original barrel, was an import, decent shape. Doubled my money on it at some point as I recall. The Gas trap Garands are worth some big money but few are original.
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