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Cheap 'Armorer' piercing ammunition!

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  • Cheap 'Armorer' piercing ammunition!

    Better watch out if you're an armorer...this stuff will go right thru ya!

    Otherwise, it's a great deal.

    Item ID:4C3006U202-192P
    Description: M2 Armorer Piercing 30.06 AMMO 192RDS/SPAM CAN/CLIPSM2 Ball, AP .30-06, Various US Manufacturers.

    Packaged in 8 rd. enbloc clips, 6 clips per bandoleer, 4 bandoleers per spam can. 192 rds in a spam can. May or may not be Corrosive. Headstamp varies 1939-1952. Ammo attracts a magnet. Weight is 15 lb. per can.

    Shipping & Handling -$8.95 per can- AK & HI-$14.95 per can $60.00 per can

    CMP will not ship any AP ammo to Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.
    In the following states local and state laws should be checked before receiving AP ammo - California, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii & Nevada.

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    Re: Cheap 'Armorer' piercing ammunition!

    Yeah....kinda funny. I ordered some.
    Youth And Brawn Are No Match For Age And Treachery.
    I'm Old And May Not Fight. I'll Shoot Instead.

    USMC 1959/1963


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      Re: Cheap 'Armorer' piercing ammunition!

      This stuff will penertate, and exit, a 3/4" thick area of a railroad "fish" plate (what the railes set on).

      No! I didn't shoot up the rail line -these were discarded.


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        Re: Cheap 'Armorer' piercing ammunition!

        This is a fish plate:

        It is used to splice rail (joint rail) together.

        I think you meant 'tie plate'.

        .30-'06 AP will definitely turn cover into concealment!