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New CMP rimfire class...tactical rifle

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  • New CMP rimfire class...tactical rifle

    • Overall weight of the rifle may not exceed 7.5 pounds, with sights.
    • The stock may have a fixed sling swivel. Thumbhole stocks, adjustable butt plates, adjustable cheek pieces and rails or adjustable sling swivels are not permitted.
    • Rifles with any type action (bolt, lever, pump, straight-pull) may be used. Rifles should have a magazine capable of holding five rounds so they can be used during rapid-fire stages.
    • The trigger must be capable of lifting three pounds when cocked. Triggers will be weighed before the match and seals will be affixed to rifles that pass inspection.
    • Telescopic, receiver or open sights may be used. Competitors who use rifles with telescopic or receiver (aperture) sights compete in the T-Class. Scopes are limited to six-power (6X). If a variable-power telescope is used, the adjustment must be taped. Competitors who use rifles with open sights compete in the O-Class.
    • A standard leather or web sling no wider than 1ľ inches may be used in the prone and sitting or kneeling positions. Slings may not be used for support in the standing position, but may remain on the rifle.
    • Anyone with questions about whether a rifle is legal should contact CMP staff at 419-635-2141, ext. 1130 or
    • A rifle inspection will be conducted during the check-in period prior to the match.
    TACTICAL RIMFIRE RIFLE RULES. The 2010 National Rimfire Sporter Match program includes a Tactical Rimfire Class. Rifles that are legal in the Tactical Class must comply with the requirements listed above and have a configuration that is similar to that of common AR and modern military rifles. Tactical rimfires may have either aperture or optical sights (no higher than 6X). Magazines of any length may be used, but during firing, the magazine may not be used to support the rifle. The magazine may touch the arm, but it may not rest on the competitorís arm (provide support) or on the shooting mat or ground. The inclusion of Tactical Rimfire Rifles in CMP Rimfire Sporter competition is new and the CMP expects that experiences gained with this new class in 2010 will guide the future development of rules for this class.