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M1D from CP! what else I need?

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  • M1D from CP! what else I need?

    I am new to the M1d rifles and got one from the CMP and I need to get the Scope mount, the M84 scope and the flashider! where can I get a genuine scope and accesories?? I have seen some replica ones from numrich and sarco and do not know hte conditions!


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    Re: M1D from CP! what else I need?

    Gunbroker and Ebay are sources for the telescopes. There are some scams and reproductions out there, so it's 'buyer beware' at all times.

    The 'For Sale' forums at, Culvers and other boards will turn up a few genuine M84's.

    Sarco and Numrich both were selling the knockoff version of the M84 for around $400 IIRC. A scope and a repro mount was going for around $500. Not a bad option for a pieced-together shooter, but I think the real rifles deserve a real scope and the search and purchase price are both worth the effort.

    Sarco has/had USGI M1D M84 scope mounts for $200:

    Scopes used to sell for a couple hundred bucks...years ago. Now, it's $700 and up for decent examples. I expect the latest batch of M1C and M1D releases from the CMP to further drive prices higher.


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      Re: M1D from CP! what else I need?

      thank you campy bob! you are right! the M84 scope is to the roof! I was in Market Hall gunshow in Dallas last weekend 1/16/2011 ... saw 2 M84 scope , original , no mount for $800! probably if I bargain I could have had for $750! Also looking at those Lyman Alaskan scope! most in Ebay goin for $250 or more when they use to be like $99!

      I got one of the CMP M1D and now I am kicking myself since the scope prices are outrages!!


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        Re: M1D from CP! what else I need?

        Back about 1993 a fellow offered me an M1D for $1500. It was the nicest M1D I had seen then or now.

        I reamember doing some quick math in my head...something about the nice Colt Gold Cup AND Colt Green Label I could get for that money.

        I should have forgotten the math and written a check! Hindsight is 20/20.


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          Re: M1D from CP! what else I need?

          How much is a "complete" M1D (numbers matching) going for these days?

          By "complete", I mean, all original with scope, mount, funny-looking flash suppressor, et cetera...