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40X's, Carbine mags & .30-'06...Merry Christmas!

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  • 40X's, Carbine mags & .30-'06...Merry Christmas!

    ...and Estore rifle ordering! Woohoo!!!



    RIFLES IN ESTORE: Customers will soon be able to place a rifle order on the CMP Estore. Once you place this order your rifle will be reserved for the next 14 days. Your firearm reservation will be held in suspense pending CMP receipt of your hard copy order and CMP verification of you meeting all eligibility criteria. As a result of this reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from Estore. Please be sure to print a copy of the confirmation and attach it to the hard copy order. If you also have non-firearms items on this Estore transaction, you will be prompted to process those orders after placing the firearm reservation.

    We currently have to make a judgment call as to how many orders we receive for a particular rifle option, based on the volume of mail received. This reservation process will significantly help CMP determine when we should post a rifle option as "sold out". The first rifle model to be listed in the Estore will be the 40X. We expect this to happen by 7 Dec 2009. Rifles will be listed under the "Rifles Surplus" tab (not shown yet).

    MORE .30-06 HXP AMMO SOON: The CMP has been successful in acquiring another large quantity of HXP .30-06 ammo. We expect delivery in Jan 2010 and should have the ammo ready for sale by Feb or Mar. Until we actually receive and inspect the ammo, we will not know what packaging configurations will be available, but expect them to be the same as we have had for the past few years. We do not yet know what our final cost will be. We do know that the quantity is large enough to satisfy our customer needs for several years. We will not accept any pre-orders or establish a waiting list. Thanks for your support and patience.

    CARBINE MAGAZINES AGAIN AVAILABLE: We have acquired a few more crates of 15 rd. carbine magazines. See item PS103 under the "Parts Surplus" tab on We expect this quantity to sell out relatively soon.

    PRICE INCREASES FOR AGUILA AMMO: We have been informed of price increases for all Aguila ammo and, as a result, will have to increase the prices we charge our customers and clubs, etc. New prices are effective immediately. However, any orders already in-house or on backorder prior to increase will get old price. New prices, once we again begin accepting orders for this ammo, will be: .30 carbine item 438A - $200 per case; .22LR Standard velocity item 419ASVSE - $230 per case; .22LR Golden Eagle item 419ASVGE - $305 per case. Please note that CMP is currently not accepting orders for any Aguila ammo, but new prices will be in effect once we do resume taking orders.

    HORNADY .30-06 AND .223 MATCH AMMO: Now available on CMP Estore and at CMP stores. This is the match grade ammunition issued by the CMP at the national matches and Eastern and Western Games.

    KOWA SPOTTING SCOPES. CMP has made a special purchase of a limited number of KOWA TS-501-20X spotting scopes, specifically designed for rimfire and air rifle usage. These scopes are available for $280 at both CMP stores and on the estore See item 832 under the Equipment & Accessories tab.

    KRAG BARRELS NOW AVAILABLE: CMP has acquired a small quantity of Criterion new manufacture .30/40 Krag barrels. These are now available at the barrel tab on the Estore Carbine - 065CRI/3040C. Rifle - 065CRI/3040R.

    HOLIDAY SCHEDULE REMINDER: CMP stores at Camp Perry, OH and Anniston, AL will be closed 18 Dec-5 Jan for the holiday period, annual inventory and general housekeeping chores.

    Thank you for your support and patience.

    Orest Michaels
    Chief Operating Officer

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    Address: CMP. 1401 Commerce Blvd. Anniston, AL 36207.

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    Re: 40X's, Carbine mags & .30-'06...Merry Christmas!

    Didn't they also say the ammo they had would last for years and years and years?


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      Re: 40X's, Carbine mags & .30-'06...Merry Christmas! only lasts until the country decides to elect a Marxist president!

      Then, all bets are off.