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Korea to Sell Old Rifles Back to U.S.

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    Re: Korea to Sell Old Rifles Back to U.S.

    "M1 rifles can hold high-capacity ammunition clips that allow dozens of rounds to be fired before re-loading"

    Uh. What? My M1 only holds eight. DUMB.
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      Re: Korea to Sell Old Rifles Back to U.S.

      My M1 only holds eight.

      I think they meant those eeevil M1 Carbines and their baby-killin' 30-round boxes-o-death.

      Remember that old B&W picture of the Black Panthers holding their Carbines? Meybe it was Malcom X?

      The libtard bedwetters still can't get that image out of their mind.

      Too bad there's more than seven million carbines in circulation on the planet. That horse done already left the barn.


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        Re: Korea to Sell Old Rifles Back to U.S.

        It was good ol' Malcolm in the middle (of da 'hood!)...the original mooslim jihadi fightin' against the infidel white deebil. 60 rounds of bullet hose thanks to a little electrician's tape! Lordy, I hope that's not an UN-Quality Hardware he's got there!

        And check out Patty after the Symbianese Liberashun Armee got her all accessorized with a chopped down M1 Carbine!

        "Stand and deliver!", shouts the millionairess socialist socialite! And the SLA was killing LEO's with IED's before Osama was even born!

        Hmmm? Maybe those rifles ARE the weapon of choice for criminal gangs and radicals out to overthrow da man?

        Cutting the barrel down on a Winchester should be a madatory 30 years!!!
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