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Camp Perry report 3-7-2009

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  • Camp Perry report 3-7-2009

    SFCRET, my wife and I ran out to the CMP this morning for ammunition. I met SFCRET at the Bob's on 18 & I71 for breakfast. The Lake City ammunition is gone. We came home with cases of Pyrkal and I got some Aguila .22 standard velocity...and we both grabbed NIB Mossberg M44U.S.

    Big crowd...lots of rifles selling. Nice selection of HRA service and several gaged less than a '1'. Nice carbines, but the folks at Anniston are now using a pressure washer to de-grease the guns! This raises the wood grain and seriously dries out the wood (maybe they oven-bake the guns to dry them and prevent rust?). Bizarre. A few M1D's with pricetages up to $2300...or your 401K, whichever is greater.

    I talked to several nice guys and saw plates from Oklahoma! Several guys from New York, Pennsylvania and the usual out-of-staters. Guys were loading ammunition up by the ton. One of the counter guys said the average .30-'06 quantity for the week was probably in the 10-15 spam can range...and that there were numerous buys of 100+ cans.

    The Garands are not expected to last thru the National Matches, so if you want one or want more, now's the time to buy. No .30 Carbine ammunition is expected until June. No rumors of any new .22's in the pipeline (bummer!).

    Edit: I just cleaned up and oiled the Mossberg M44U.S. It's in never had a round chambered. After I unscrewed the action screws the action was 'glued' to the stock with the shipping cosmoline. The trigger was packed with the stuff. The magazine guide bar was smeared with it. Dried to a stiff crud from 60+ years of sitting, unused, in an arms room...somewhere. Now to dig up another Garand sling for it and a magazine.
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    Re: Camp Perry report 3-7-2009

    I bought all the Pyrkal I could find at the last two shows, like the spam cans for storage. Guess if we don't have enough by now, we didn't plan well. I know we got a late start with the reloading operation. Nice job on the Mossberg aquisition, cosmo and all.
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