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Ooooh! A rail and grip!

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  • Ooooh! A rail and grip!

    Yeah, but this one is a keymod rail! Yeah, whatever. You know, I kind of like the M16 style (no forward assist, no brass deflector. M16, not A1 or A2). I kick myself for selling a Colt Green Label Sp1 I had. I was offered stupid money for it so it went to a new home. Simple, accurate, light and reliable. I had a GM M16A1 in basic training. Sloppy worn out pig but it worked every time and was pretty accurate, at least more accurate than I am!

    My point? None really. I am a big Pontiac nut and a fellow Pontiac guy is a perfectionist like I am. Gotta keep them stock and original. We went to the GTOAA or POCI nationals show one year and after seeing some amazing cars, we stop looking hard at them then he goes into "OMG! Look! An orange one! OMG! A green one! Look at that! A yellow one!" That struck me as odd as these were all amazing cars. Many near perfect, all originals. Tons of money inside. A few years back I was in and I took my Jeep CJ-10 (in my profile pic) to a car show with Paul and John. John has his all original (minus the block but has a 1972 SR Ram Air IV block in it) 1969 Ram Air IV 4 speed GTO Judge, a 1970 455HO GTO convertible (he put his "spare" 1973 SD 455 engine it it because the original 455 was long gone when he bought it) and his wifes 1974 SD-455 Trans Am. Paul has his 2000 whatever or 98 Indy Pace car convertible Trans Am with 16K miles on it, his 69 Firebird 400 convertible and a 1956 beater Pontiac. My Jeep is stuck right in there. Everyone is looking at my Jeep and Paul's beater 56. I explained to my son that John's 74 TA was a SD-455 and his reply was "And?". That is the first time I questioned if he was truly my son or he was swapped out in the hospital by accident. I recently bought an all original 1974 GTO and she has some patina. No rust but the paint is thin the the driver seat is done. She has 97K miles and is just a neat old car. Manual transmission and my son cannot drive it to save his life so it will be at the estate sale. That car gets more looks thank my 68 Firebird 400 4 speed convertible that looks new form end to end, inside and out. The 1974 is the pig of the GTO family (well, the 1973 may take that trophy).

    To make a short story as long as I possibly can, my grumpy old butt is turning into Paul. I see the "AR Build" stories and my head hurts. You spent 20 minutes putting in a some pins in the lower, slapped on an upper and some Chinese BS and you are an operator. I hear Paul in my head "Ooooh, a black one!" Then I see the old Colt SP1, the Essential Arms fugly parts house thing, a Sendra, PAWS, a vintage Eagle Arms, and, not going that low, Steve can still suck it, probably why they closed anyway, sorry POS, anyway, I just like the old simple stuff. I have some nice stuff. M16, Shrike upper, older 1st gen rail systems from KAC (RIS/RAS), piston guns and so on. But, there is something about a vintage old beater Colt. The Marry Ann of the AR world!
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