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  • Binary trigger systems

    Could be a dead horse but I am here to kick it. It is what I do!

    I bought a couple of these when the prices were low last fall. I was not in favor of the idea when they first came out. Boredom and curiosity got the best of me so I bought two sets. There are a few models available. Some have a big price tag with basic features, others have a bog price tag with other features. I went with the Fostech Echo over the Franklin. I liked the design features and the simplicity of the Franklin had me concerned though more research would have convinced me to buy the Franklin as it works readily with 9mm and .22s. Both systems have safety features built in so as long as you do not screw with it, you will not get a run away gun and you can opt out of binary if the release shot is not where you want to be.

    We played with the set up with 5.56 in a pistol set up. My son got it down pretty quick while my operation of the system sounded clunky. My M16 third position is a bit more smooth than the binary.

    Since then, the HK binary hit the market but they price hurts. I bought a Zenith Arms HK knock off for my retirement gift to myself. It is the little brief case version of the MP5 series. Slapped on a brace and red dot. Thought I was done then these trigger packs come out. Hmmm. What do you think? I have seen Ruger 10/22 packs that cost more than the rifle and there was a AK version but cannot find it now.

    Please note: DO NOT write the ATF about these being legal! The letter writers get more decisions reversed than if they'd just STFU and let the manufacturer's authorization letter just stand!
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