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Good news for original Oly Arms owners

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  • Good news for original Oly Arms owners

    For those who DID NOT turn-in your out of spec lower to the factory for a new in-spec lower free of charge like I didn't...

    I found that the PLASTIC Hex mag fits and locks into my old "Stop sign" Oly Arms lower.

    As you know the Olympic Arms lowers were out of spec in such a way that plastic mags would not lock in. In the past I have just filed an area in the mag catch so it would lock and they worked perfectly fine with plastic and metal mags. But I have since given my catch to a friend who had the same problem.

    A couple months ago I got a Hex mag in a monthly subscription box ( I have no interest in buying one, I like my P-mags (Gen 2 to be exact. I have 17 OD with dust covers))....ANYWAY I jammed it in the AR and after a few days noticed what I did, and that it locked in.

    Just thought I'd pass that info on....Its what we do here.

    The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...