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MK12 (Sorta) AR15 Rifle Build On A Budget

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  • MK12 (Sorta) AR15 Rifle Build On A Budget

    I had this AR15 rifle sitting in my safe that wasn't getting any use. It was a 20" rifle with a chrome-lined heavy barrel, a flat-top upper, an A2 triangle front sight gas block, and A2 handguards and butt stock. I had it set up with an Aimpoint clone tube type red dot sight, and a Magpul folding rear BUIS that co-witnessed with the red-dot.

    Here it is as it was - the rifle on the bottom. (The top rifle is my NRA Service Rifle competition rifle.)

    Recently I got the idea in my head to rebuild the flat-top rifle as a sort of Precision Rifle, and I started researching what it would take. I also set a sub-$300 budget to accomplish this project, seeing as I'm an old retired guy living on Social Security. Definite prerequisites were a Mil-Dot scope with target turrets, and a side-wheel objective focus. I also wanted to free-float the barrel. I initially was thinking about a quad-rail handguard, but changed my mind for one with a 1913 rail on top and M-Lok rails on the sides and bottom. I also wanted to get rid of the A2-style front sight, and change to a low-profile gas block. I had a Geissele 2-stage trigger on the list, but I realized that this would blow my budget big time, so that's on the back burner for next year.

    Anyway, I pretty much finished it up this morning. Here's how it turned out:

    When I first received the scope I took it outside and pointed it up at the sky and adjusted the ocular focus to bring the Mil-dot crosshairs into sharp focus, then put a little white paint dot on the focus ring to mark the focus point. Next I took the windage and elevation turrets and ran each one all the way in one direction, then counted the clicks all the way back the other way. I then divided the click count by 2 and ran each one back that many clicks to get it in the center of the range. (That's called getting a "mechanical zero" on the scope, and is something that a lot of folks skip, I gather.) I then bore-sighted the scope (with one of those laser-cartridge gizmos that fits in the chamber) at about 50 feet, and it only took a few clicks each way to bring the crosshairs on to the laser dot. I expect this will get me on paper at 50 yards.

    My club's benchrest range has berms at 50 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards, and 200 yards. I will shoot it first at 50 yards, then get a good zero at 100 yards. The turrets are made so that once you get it zeroed you can unlock the graduated knob to disconnect it from the actual "clicks", then rotate it to show '0' at the register line, then reconnect it.

    I've got a bunch of plain old XM193 ammo, but I've got several boxes of 75 grain Hornady BTHP bullets which might work for making up some counterfeit M262 loads. But then I'll have to re-zero it, and will lose the advantage of being able to walk in any Free-State WalMart and buy XM193 cheap! Decisions, decisions.

    Then the fun starts!
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    I'm not an AR guy, though I do like them. Yours looks great.

    Do give us a range report after firing.
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      Nice rebuild.
      I love how adaptable the AR platform is. You took what was old and made it new again.

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