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    Originally posted by krinkov View Post
    Those 5.7. rounds do the damage, We tested and shot through some vest. i think the antifa guys are wearing now.They will find out i don't use rubber bullets. at 2500 f.p.s. it zips pretty quick. And they look at say something hurts down there. The P90 shoots so fast you have no time to duck the little bees stingers coming at you.I now pack the five seven with a mag of 20 and a thirty mag in the pocket..crowd control. And after the first few fall. the rest will scatter ricki tic.Krink 400d0252e60cac40e9e6b901b767e74c1ddac3a2_hq.gif
    Doesn't the P90 fire a new type of ammo? 50Rs in a plastic box sits aside top of receiver. No cartridge case NO primer as we think of them. Propellant is just a column of powder with projectile sitting on end.

    Did I leave anything out? Am I right in my ammo configuration?
    Originally posted by krinkov
    "The rest will scatter ricky tic."
    First time I heard the term ricky tic I chuckled. 30yr later I STILL chuckle at the word.
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