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  • Is This a Trap?

    Don't know enough about full auto parts to know if this is legal to own or not if you aren't cleared for Class III.


    They are coated by and purchased directly from Toolcraft.

    Carrier Specifications

    Material: 8620 Steel
    Type: M16 Full Auto (Preferred for most AR-15 builds)
    Gas Key Material: 4130 Steel; Grade 8 Gas Key Screws
    Coating: Nickel Boron

    Bolt Specifications

    Bolt Material: 9310 Steel
    Extractor Material: 4140 Steel
    Mil-Spec O-Ring
    Mil-Spec Gas Rings (3)
    Cam Pin Material: 8620 Steel
    Firing Pin Material: 416 Stainless Steel
    Other: MPI Inspected

    Lifetime Warranty

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    No trap here. It is 100% legal to use an M16 carrier in an AR15.


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      Thank you.


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        Are toolcraft BCG any good.


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          Never used one but everything is good until it breaks. I have used no name, beater stuff for years. $69 PSA and AIM BCGs. Never had an issue. I have seen some pics of broken stuff on the net but that was many years ago. AR stuff is made by a few suppliers and the quality control is pretty darn good. The old days of ABC-O as your go to AR suppliers are over. Parts house rejects are just not real common like they were in the early 90s. Lots of options. That $200 BCG is often the same one you paid $60 but has a better finish and a swoopy logo on it. Sure, some high end stuff is high end for a reason and worth every penny. If you are a door kicker and that rifle pays the bills, spend the money. If you need a reliable beater AR, a PSA kit can do the trick. Just take care of it.
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