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Chromed out AK.

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  • Chromed out AK.

    I have been on a buddy of mine to build me a chromed out AK. I have pics of quite a few I got my hands on in Iraq in 2003 (I have pics but cannot post for some reason, likely operator head space and timing). A few gold plated rifles and quite a few nickel or chromed out AKs. All nicely done with hand made plastic/ivory/resin/whatever furniture. I did not care much for the gold guns but they did have some really nice looking furniture on them. The chrome guns had layered plastic, some clear with white, some black, some black, clear and while. All were supposed to be trophy guns given to the loyalists but I seem to recall anyone could own an AK so I am not certain if the trophy bit is accurate or folk lore. Could have been an Iraqi gun guy. Brett absolutely refuses to build me a nickel plated AK. I just want to recreate something neat that I was part of at the time. He builds some nice stuff but if it does not look like a factory gun, he does not want his name on it.
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