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    I recently acquired a Polytech Spiker. It’s in amazing condition with the exception that it is missing the rear sight which I can easily replace with “new old stock” Polytech parts for well under $50. No big deal there. Question of the day is. Can anyone de code the serial number to come up with a date of manufacture?
    The receiver is marked 386 confirming it is a real Polytech, CW meaning it is the fixed wood stock variety, and lastly the SN: 91290.
    It is also stamped AKS-762 KFS, Atlanta, so we know it is indeed an original Spiker (AKS) and the importer looks to be correct.

    I am looking to confirm date of manufacture and possible value once I get the sight replaced.

    Apparently I don’t have permissions to post a picture here.

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    I don't have a website that will help you but it appears you are not looking to keep it. That said, if you sell the parts you increase he value 3 times. The firing pin enclosure and head are going for 600+ on gunbroker. The bolt assembly just a little under, the complete assembly is over 1K and even more if the serial numbers match up. Might want to see if others want what you have instead of trying to sell it for something it isn't - complete. In other words I have never seen a rear sight assembly for $50 since the 80's, if you have found them for that price please share with me.
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      Planning to keep it provided the date line is correct. Poly Technologies sells new old stock. You can go direct. Also found one on Gunbroker although be it without the spring for $21 starting auction.