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"No more"-Chapter 1.

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  • "No more"-Chapter 1.

    She arose, Today she would commit a revolutionary. act. Her micro safe would be largely emptied. Diana Marie Trader turned 18 and she would better. both her family's and her own lives, The hateful flip flops were donned for the last time, What few chores she had done were rapidly completed. As she worked four days a week in the lumberyard, Friday began her weekend.

    Already, several things she had ordered were concealed underneath.her bed. She simply used king size sheets over a twin size. bed, This guaranteed both concealment. and deterred theft, too, She wore a copy of the local Christian school girl's uniform. The mandatory bikin wearing decreed by some outlaw neighbor sickened her. She wore cargo shorts and a Polo shirt. Ugly rumors and even threats of violence by the aforementioned faction over her attire, had resulted in a female outlaw walking into her house and taking her velcro sandals and burning them openly.

    Diana put on her construction boots and literally knocked Sarah Solomonson down and shaved her rump-length hair.bald to the very scalp. Due to Sarah's poor hygiene[creek bathing once a week with lye soap ]but her hair never regrew. A medical doctor later ended Sarah's misery by surgically scalping her under general anesthesia. Even her eyebrows were lost. The outlaws across the road simply shunned Diana, Amish-style but eternally.

    What deterred violence? She personally wore a D Guard bowie knife with a 14 inch a belt sheath. Her workmates carried either .357 magnum revolvers or .45 sutomatics, both of various makes.THis was allowed after after a pack of coydogs jkilled an unarmed 86 year old watchman in broad daylight Her Mommy kept a loaded .30-30 Winchester that both served her hunring rifle and home defender, too. Her Daddy carried a Taurus 65 Stainless four inch barrel. revolver loaded with 125 grain soft points.

    Her repeated attempts to acquire a Henry .357 lever action rifle failed. After 5 failures, she abandoned Cowboyland Guns for Kasserine Pass Tactical. There she began stocking components for her lever action.rifle. alternative. And today when she returned home, she would be the third armed member of her immediate family. It felt good to be joining the bang-bang club; But certain precautions remained,

    Her belt knife would stay home today, A pocket-hidden MTECH USMC BALLISTIC-ASSISTED OPENING KNIFE' would be hers. Her Key chain had four cans of SABRE pepper spray on them, Both they and her cash would be riding in a tactical shoulder bag with a leg retention strap.. She made it downtown by a bus ride. She entered SCHUMANN'S SHOES first. She exited wearing a pair of properly fitting velcro sandals. The worn flip flops were recycled

    Breakfast was next, A large Vegetarian sausage burrito with sausage gravy wrapped in a sugar free wheat flour dough. Sugar free OJ, Sugar free chocolate milk, Water. Bathroom. Diana saved junk type food for weekends, A beauty salon loomed next, She emerged with a Wash&GO pixie haircut. 9:55. Kasserine Pass Tactical opened its doors. "Glad to see you again, Diana. Love the new do." Lenny Boskowitz had been a co-worker at lumberyard. But he went to City Tech at night to be a Certified Arms Dealer. Kasserine Pass Tactical snatched him up graduation and he earned $25.00/hour from the start.

    "By the way, Kyle Hauser graduated with my class. He's a certified gunsmith here in the backroom." "Kyle was always sweet on me.: A storm of emotions flooded.her. Diana had been the boy's hero, yet he helped he rpass a bunch of tough classes. He even helped with chores and she had promised to date him at Prom. But football hero Absalom Abrahamson just had to heve her. He hurt a puppy and it's cries lured Kyle, The savage beating which ensued left Kyle with eye damage that meant he would to wear goggle-glasses forever, too. Happily, the puppy recovered with hospital treatment.and was Kyle's baby dog, too.

    Absalom made a tragic mistake-for him. Despite having won an NFL contract at 17, Absalom bragged about hurting Kyle. Furthermore, he packed a .357 magnum in his waistband when he 'courted' Diana, Facing her on her porch, he her. "You're my prom date, Any resistance, and you'll be shot." Diana rushed him, her belt knife drawn. Wide-eyed, he yanked for the revolver, but .... "STUCK!" He screamed when he could get to it. Diana was on him like a frigidaire magnet. "BABY,. PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM!" screamed Rodney Trader as her mother Brenda stood frozen in shock.alongside her.

    Absalom finally got one shot off but it went harmlessly into the front porch wall. and Diana conquered him. Absalom lived. But as quadruple amputee, he indeed lost that NFL contract, also. Because of aggravating perpetrator factors, Diana beat the rap, Scot-free.
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    'NO MORE'- Chapter Two:

    Diana returned home and went to her room and closed the door. Surgery time! The L Tool removed both the spring, detents and pivot/takedown pins. As a the lower a lready came with both improved pistol grip and and an 'L' stock with a built-in rubber-padded buttstock. An improved castle nut had already negated the need for stock pinning.

    Furthermore, the installation of the ARMASPEC TACTICAL ADVANTAGE CARBINE STEALTH RECOIL SPRING negated for recoil buffer spring unit pinning, aldo. The KNS precision pivot/takedown pins were literally a push button insertion. She replaced the L tool inher toolbox. A Toolcraft titanium nitride BCG was installed. Her improved charging handle was an Odin Works DIVERGE large latch.

    Both the upper and lower were united. A Troy folding rear sight SOCC and a PRI sight hood were installed. A sling was next, Her.300 Blackout AR-15 was finished. She smiled. as she took the trash bag filled with empty boxes to the dumpster outside. She return and maintained her new weapon. She loaded up Ruger and Lancer steel brand magazines and placed them into tactical bags. She then returned to the bus stop.

    She went to a mall. A Bible bookstore. She purchased a super giant size print KJV reference Bible and a God's Word Translation Bible and Bible Dictionary. She had wanted to be a Christian, but the 21st century variant of Judaizing bothered her conscience, too. Dear readers, this Judaizing is mixing the Old Testament with the New Testament to allow power mongers to get control over and wreck believers' faith in Jesus Christ. That is cult-like behavior and Christians should avoid it like the plague. It's Ok for Christians to
    be nice to lawful Jews and helping Israel, too.

    She took a pamphlet on Salvation. She made sure she was saved through Jesus Christ alone. She ate lunch in the Food Court. She went to the video game store and purchased a used copy of a new game she wanted; She went to the bank within the mall and loaded up her account. A sign annouced the Vacation Clubs were due. Good. She had taken out $500,00 of her Christmas Club last October and started saving every week in it.

    Her current expenses thus far had been paid from her micro-safe, She had opted for direct deposit for the same account too. The teller checked her bank count. balance. "$5,500." She withdrew $4, 500. but put $400.00 to start her Christmas Club. She secured her cash and went to MAGIC PUG CHINESE large resturant. She emergenced with an insulated picnic case of and a freed faux silk purple skull cap.Her boonie hat was placed a pouch on her side-mounted shoulder bag. The skullcap had the image of a pug puppy dressed as a wizard waving a magic wand whose explosion said. MAGIC PUG CHINESE RESTAURANT,.
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      'NO MORE'-Chapter 3

      Diana rode the bus home and prepared supper for her family. Her Mom was very happy at her choices. "Thank you, it's too hot today too cook." "Our failure to acquire an air fryer hurts us." Her dad arrived home from his gate guard job at the power plant. Because their zone had tri-hourly bus service, their lovingly rebuilt SUV was kept for large, emergency, and long distance trips, too. "Golden Creamy Peanut chicken with a brown rice, chicken teriyaki shishkebob, and cherry cheesecake for desert?! MMMM!"

      They said grace."Like your new haircut. What kind is it?" asked her Mom. "Pixie wash and wear. I was reading about the length of the woman's hair, As it did not mention the length of the women as an exact measurement, I'm satisfied that is correct by the Bible." "Diana, I'm proud you chose God's wotrd to obey rather than these other things, too" Her Dad smiled. "I got me some Bible. study stuff." "Good. Your current BIble is deathly sick looking, too." Diana's Bible need condemned for its duct tape repaired condition.

      After supper, Diana secured her money, 'Good. Pet Vet Fund $3,000. Main Fund: $5,000. Petty Cash Fund $1, 250,00. Pocket money deployed today. $2, 750.00. Bank account: $1000.00'. She secured her fire prrof and water micro-safe. and read her Bible. The parable of the foolish and wise virgins came to mind. She prayed thanksgiving to God. She smiled. and showed her familty her new rifle. "Behold, the ultimate .300 Blackout Poverty Pony!" Her parents were astonished. "300 Black out is a .30-30 Winchester equivalent. So I've now got both a deer and home defense rifle, too!" "Got ammo for it?" asked her Mom. "Yes, and ear muffs for us all too." She showed them both.

      "We'll go target shooting tomorrow. But I'm down to 20 rounds for my .357 magnum. for my Taurus."' "Dad, don't you use an S&W 10MM at work." "Yes, because 10mm is a .357 magnum equivalent that holds 15 shots, too.But I sign it in after work." "I could call Kasserine Pass Tactical for you." "Got enough money?" She showed her wallet. "And more in reserve, too." "Do it." smiled Brenda.whom produced her vacation,club. "Get your puppy from its pen." , Rodan can go with us." Diana's face beamed with she went outside.. Moments later, Rodan returned clipped to a dog leash. It was attached to a fluorescent neon dog harness. Rodan happily. interacted with everybody, too.

      Their 1994 RAV 4 Toyota's radio blared an active rock music station as Diana held her puppy. "He has his third baby shots due, They're in until 9 tonight" First was Kasserine Pass Tactical. Brenda's and Rodney's eyes bulged at the overabundance of firearms and like stuff available. Brenda purchased two Taurus 66 .357 magnums. Diana purchased two S&W M&P 10MM pistols. 15 shots, non-manual safety variants. The two revolvers were stainless steel shooters. Due to the family's love of deer. bear and boar hunting; but jacketed soft-nosed ammunition was purchased.

      Three Henry .357 magnum lever-action rifles were purchased and with like accessories, too. They loaded up their vehicle when.
      "Kyle Hauser?!" "Diana!" Diana loomed over him as she hugged him. "Baby, have you had a good life?" "Job-wise, yes. I like my job and live with my family." "Have you found a sweetheart yet?" "I've been dumped God knows how many times." "Oh, Baby, will you be my sweetheart?" Kyle's face beamed. "Yes. Diana." They made arrangements to date. Since Kyle had just clocked out, he rode with them.

      Rodan got his Baby shots. Afterwards, Kyle got the family ice cream and Rodan got a kiddie-sized milkshake. Rodan's eyes got glassy. "BRAIN FREEZE!" smiled Kyle. Diana got three window unit air conditioners at Walmart. and Rodney smiled. "Good, no more porch sleeping in hot weather." Brenda got an air fryer and they hit Petsmart. "We need to bring Rodan and the cat inside." said Diana, "Yes, even with their dog pens, They're too little to defend themselves, unlike the Doberman and Brenda's hunting dogs, too."

      Kyle helped install the A/Cs and promised to return by noon Saturday. He rode the bus home. Meanwhile, Diana walked the dogs. The Doberman, Rodan, and the hunting dogs. The bottom only had the Trader family on a flat plain. They had built their house a thousand feet from the creek. Brenda had insisted on a basement with a saferoom, a weather alert radio, a forecasting barometer, and a 'Tornado Alert'. device. Having her 2 week old brother blown from her eight year old arms and killed while running from a tornado that touched down in her 's backyard. Whenever there was a night time tornado watch, severe thunderstorm watch. or destructive wind watch; but even the outside dogs and cat were placed inside a row of carriers within the safe room.

      By the time Diana finished, two extra carriers were assembled, one each for cat and Rodan. Rodan's carrier was in Diana's room. The miniature chiweenie puppy slept as Diana played a video game. By nine, she was tired and called at a night.

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