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  • Please Read and Heed

    Patriot Story Board

    Rule #1: This is a traditional, conservative, patriotic and family-oriented board with Christian values. No pornographic descriptions, use of gross profanity, racist or anti-Christian material will be allowed. Authors are cautioned to observe the overall board Rules of Engagement. They apply here just as they do elsewhere on the board.

    Rule #2: All stories posted here remain the intellectual property of the original author. They may edit, sell, add to or delete as they see fit. Likewise they may post their work to other forums, publish their work and allow free distribution as they wish. Reproduction of any story here without express consent in writing by the original author, other than saving to a personal computer for off-line reading by members, is strictly prohibited.

    Rule #3: AssaultWeb agrees only to host the stories as a service to the membership. AW does not assume liability for any story posted nor collects any payment or royalty for said hosting. AW is not responsible for the content of the stories. Neither shall AW be liable for loss of material in the event of server or software error or malfunction.

    Rule #4: Readers are encouraged to offer positive comments. This forum is not for literary criticism. If you have issue with anything an author has written take it to email or PM. Harsh critcisms will be deleted on sight. If you do not care for a storyline then donít read it any further.

    Rule #5: This forum is for original works by the posting authors. No copyrighted material for which the author has not given express permission to distribute may be posted.

    Rule #6: This forum exists at the pleasure of the owners of AssaultWeb. No promise is expressed or implied that the forum will guarantee access to the material posted to this forum for any minimum or maximum period of time. In the event that the owners and/or administrators of this board decide to remove material from the forum their decision shall stand. They may do so with or without notice and without expectation that they shall or may be held liable for any material lost.

    Rule #7: Ownership of any given story thread, other than the authority which AW retains over any thread posted to this board, remains with the original author. If an author wishes to establish a seperate thread for story comments in order to retain the continuous uninterrupted flow of their story they may do so. Please respect their wishes in this regard.
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