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We have 60 days to comment at Federal e-Rulemaking

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  • We have 60 days to comment at Federal e-Rulemaking

    We all know President Trump wanted to protect kids with his stupid "Bump Stock Ban". Use the search to locate Bump Stock then submit commentary

    The federal register has been massaged multiple times with this topic. The 3rd and final comment period is just 60 days away from today,

    DO NOT WAIT FOR ANY GUN.ORG to represent you.

    Probably many are afraid because, yes it is true the BATFE will know who and where you are. I say put up or suffer the consequences. This is the last option to stop a government that doesn't follow due process.

    Last time there were only 35,709 people that commented which is why they tried again!
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    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    Here is my comment. I hope it wasn't over the top.

    I am an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Navy and a former Merchant Marine Officer of engineering. I don't own a bump stock nor do I intend to go out and buy one. I do strongly support the Constitution of the United States. The 2nd Amendment was written the way it was written to insure that private citizens would have access to firearms and other accouterments of warfare in order to pose a credible deterrence to tyranny into perpetuity. The 2nd Amendment also insured that private citizens would also have the means by force of arms to actively resist the usurpation of the Consent of the Governed and to resist being made forcibly subject to an unconstitutional and unaccountable governing authority and to resist and correct any repudiation by a government that would substitute our rule of law with dictatorship.

    Our military possesses automatic weapons as part of OUR arsenal of freedom to Protect and Defend the Constitution Against All Enemies, foreign and domestic. God forbid that the U.S. Military should ever turn on it's own citizens! The various agencies of Treasury, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, etc. have access to automatic weapons to enforce national laws and protect the American People. God forbid that any official in any of these departments and/or agencies should abrogate the trusts and dignities that have been invested in their appointments to unlawfully direct their weapons on those who'm they were sworn to protect!

    The police and regulatory agencies and departments of the states and territories possess and/or have access to automatic weapons and increasingly armored vehicles and all the other accouterments of war. Police are not the military and the courts have ruled they are not militia. Police are regularly in the news about misusing their authorizations to use force and/or deadly force. God forbid that American Officials at the local and state level should ever abrogate their loyalty to country or to their solemn Oaths of Office.

    The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution should be a bulwark against government ever going rogue but increasingly it's not. The states and political operatives have figured out one kind of gun control after another in order to water down or even deny the 2nd Amendment Right. For example: in most states, hand guns need a permit, a permission slip, in order to "exercise" the right. Some states arbitrarily pick and choose who may have the right; this Constitutional Right. Semi-automatic rifles and their magazines are a focus for the disarmament crowd. Here in New York the most basic of militia weapons, which is the club or baton, is a felony to posses by ordinary citizens and is exclusively reserved to police. The club/baton is in use by every militia around the world and has been used by militaries and militias since the dawn of time. Clearly, those who govern and regulate are eroding the 2nd Amendment which is and always was an insurance policy built in to our system of governance to make sure that our republic remained free then, now, and always.

    I ask you to reconsider banning Bump-Stocks. For that matter, I hope that you'll consider my remarks as proscription against further erosions to the Right to Bear Arms. God forbid that we should do to ourselves the kinds of genocides that have already been committed by governments against their own citizens. Those atrocities usually occurred after those rulers disarmed their populations.


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      Thank you Lasergunner for taking the time to comment on FR Doc # 2018-06292

      I think any comment is better than none, unless of course you support infringements and yes there are some who do! This morning there are only 16,334 comments so by default the BATFE has gone around congress with the support of the presidents E.O. and because good men didn't care or do anything we will have a tool that can be used against free men everywhere come Jun 27, 2018 11:59 PM ET

      When people are found with this stock, they face the same criminal prosecution as if they were carrying an unregistered machine gun (The government will not even allow you the opportunity to register the stocks, and they can't because there are no NFA rules or congressional laws that allow for this)

      Call me John, just an old man with opinions.