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    Homeopathy is based on the theory of like curing like, and potentization, whereby the 'weaker' the solution in terms of molecular structure (to the point of there being literally fewer atoms in the Earth itself than one would have to sort through in a remedy to find even one molecule of the original curative substance itself). The theory is that the water or alcohol diluent has an induced 'memory' awakened by striking or violently shaking the substance within the diluent, and then diluting it again at the rate of 100:1 each dilution cycle and that is where the effect comes from, rather than actual molecules of the substance itself (that no longer remain within the diluent after a step.

    A significant move has been underway for about three decades, beginning initially with the U.S. military, whereby the determination of actual vs. stated shelf lives of various medications is studied and determined, allowing for the ethical and appropriate stockpiling of medications beyond the "Use By" or expiry date on the original package, thus saving both money and logistics.

    In theory, since the remedy no longer contains any molecules of the original substance there should be no decay, especially if water was used as the diluent. Thus the shelf life of a liquid remedy - as opposed to a pill, etc, which enters different substances into the equation - should be practically forever. From a prepper standpoint that would be a good thing. Store once and done, assuming you have sufficient quantity. 50 years from now just grab the bottle and take a short pull and obtain curative relief.

    But one nagging doubt keeps pulling at my mind: Once again, the effect is based on water (or alcohol) memory. Aren't they worried about Alzheimer's?

    Maybe I should store a bottle of Cannabis Indica remedy next to the other bottles.
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