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Trump Derangement Syndrome - Official Recognition?

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  • Trump Derangement Syndrome - Official Recognition?

    I'm putting this here because, well, its humorous. Nothing is set in stone - yet.

    There is a push to get some version of TDS recognized in the ICD-10's as a legitimate (IOW "billable") mental illness. Needless to say they cannot call it "Trump" derangement but it can apply to other areas as well. Just so happens that it is most common in Trump's case. Just can't decide whether they should be classified as an Unspecified Mental Disorder, a Disorder of Adult Personality and Behavior (most agreed upon to date), or a Mood Disorder.

    There are Libs and Conservs on both sides of the aisle. Either way they can make money, because the Libs will charge you to tell you that you are right thinking and rational, and will then work with you to ease your anxiety, and the Conservs will see you twice weekly for the next 5 years trying to treat you.

    Can you imagine the play the comedians would get with this one? And family gathering dinner conversation would never be the same.

    Cousin Millie from Seattle: "Donald Trump is trying to overthrow the legitimate government with the help of the Russians, the North Koreans and the Malagasy (Madagascar) and a bunch of uber right wing white Christian males."

    Uncle Delbert from Nebraska: "So, what exactly did the shrink prescribe for your syndrome? You seem to be more rational this year."

    Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

    I have but one person on my ignore list. Can you guess who it is?