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Federal agents infiltrate militia – kill other agents

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  • Federal agents infiltrate militia – kill other agents

    Topeka, Kansas – What started as a simple undercover operation to infiltrate the local militia The Sons of Jefferson resulted in the most significant law enforcement snafu since Waco, Texas. This mistake lead to the death of 12 federal agents and the injury of 10 more from multiple agencies. “There had been a lot of chatter about militia members modifying firearms to shoot full auto, so we decided to put a guy inside the group to stop this.” Special Agent Puppopper of the BATFE commented. “Essentially, we found the militia recruiting in a Facebook group and infiltrated it. Our agent had been undercover for over two years before we had enough evidence for the arrest.

    Upon befriending the group, the undercover agent found it challenging to get any evidence of illegal activity. “These guys were just wired tight; they refused to discuss any illegal activity. It wasn’t until six months into the operation that our agent discovered that the militia was stockpiling weapons that they illegally modified and were planning to use these guns to attack Kindergartens, nursing homes, and a local orphanage.” Puppopper told us.” We really hit the gold mine; these people were sick.”

    As the investigation continued, the BATFE compiled more evidence, shocked to find one of the members had even managed to steal nuclear waste from radiological equipment at a local hospital in an effort to make a dirty bomb. It was at this time the BATFE decided to make their move. Their plan was simple, “At the meeting before the first attack, we had planned on sending in a tactical team to bring down the group. It didn’t work as we had planned,” Puppopper said. “We sent in a team, and it immediately resulted in a large scale gunfight. People were screaming, shouting, yelling things like FBI, DHS, Secret Service as the bloodshed continued.” What Puppopper didn’t know, however, was that the people screaming the names of Federal Agencies were actually undercover agents from those agencies. “It turns out all the members were federal agents,” Puppopper told us. “We managed to trigger a gunfight with the other federal agents, and it resulted in the death of five of our agents, four FBI agents, and three homeland security agents. Moving forward in the future, we really need better communication between agencies,” Puppopper said.

    One man, Ron Pompeo, reached out to a Press Check reporter claiming to be a founding and ex-member of The Sons of Jefferson. He wanted to set the record straight. “So to be clear, we were a revolutionary war reenactment group. We staged battles with another group called The Kings Killers, who role-played British soldiers on the farm of one of our members. We had been doing it for years, but we had a few members that left due to work and family obligations, so we started recruiting online. The new recruits were strange, and more and more kept joining. Some of them were really sick individuals, talking about shooting up schools, stealing nuclear material, one of them even talked about hijacking an aircraft. Collectively all the original members decided to leave and call the FBI to report possible terrorist activity,” Pompeo told us.

    At the time of the raid, The Sons of Jefferson were comprised entirely of federal agents from various agencies. Other agencies involved declined to comment.
    Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

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    Now that was really good there.five star.

    And i got away out the back door. to fight and cause Havoc again.

    Let loose the Dogs Of War.. and may they **** in the front yard.
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      Is that a parody site?? I read a few articles are they don’t seem real.

      The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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        It is, sir.

        Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

        I have but one person on my ignore list. Can you guess who it is?


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          Serves those feds RIGHT. My only gripe was feds shooting other feds were such LOUSY SHOTS they only wasted 12 OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE. I wanna hear that all the shooters end up in Leavenworth or elsewhere where it's the HARDEST TIME with lousy maggoty chow and guards constantly busting prisoners balls. Give these ex ball breaking feds serious doses of the same sh*t they woulda done to militia people had these assorted F Troop A holes. Plus I wanna see EVERY SINGLE EX FED GET A MINIMUM OF 20YEARS FOR WAXING OTHER ASSsorted dea fbi dhs F TROOP and assorted douche bag badges.

          If I din't have arthritis I'd be DANCING AN IRISH JIG and toasting these pukes and maggots with "WE TOLD YOU SO YOU MOTARD MOTHER F ers." :rofl:
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