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Strolling Through the Cemetary

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  • Strolling Through the Cemetary

    The other night I decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery and I ran into three teenage girls. The said they were afraid to walk through or near the place and were wondering if they could walk with me?

    I said, "Sure, I used to be afraid to walk through here myself when I was still alive."

    They were running so fast I could smell hair burning.

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      One evening a boy named Mark was going home from a friends house. He noticed that he was running late and would miss his curfew and incur some grounding time if he didn't take a shortcut. The only shortcut that would get him home was through the local cemetery. He decided to take a chance and take the shortcut through the dark, wooded path through the middle of the cemetery. When he was halfway through he heard some childlike voice call out "Mark". He stopped, looked around and when he didn't see anyone decided to speed up. It was getting dark now. Another couple hundred yards further he heard again- "Mark, Mark!" He sprinted away from the eerie voice that seemed to come from everywhere. "Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark" right behind him. As he was approaching the gate at the other end he could make out his streetlights and safety but he tripped on a branch in the path and went sprawling onto hands and knees. "This is it", he thought. I'm done for- it's caught me. As he heard the frantic "Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark MARRRRRRK" he looked behind him and there in the path was a hare-lipped dog.........
      incoming rounds have the right of way.