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  • My Harvey experience

    A couple of thoughts on my mind that have come about from my experience with Harvey and the trip fleeing the storm and the return home. It started out being stuck in a grain line trying to find a ride and a home for Julie's horse and thinking you just got to have faith. I found it at the Alice sale barn, God Bless those folks there. I finally get out and get home and hurriedly packed and we were gone. On the way out I was thinking about the parable of the mustard seed (Matthew 17:20) and how if you have that kind of faith you can move mountains. Many prayers while packing and traveling north and having faith that everything will be alright. We get to Uvalde and unload the goats and settle in for the night. It was a long night and we slept in the next morning. We arrive to the fairgrounds to feed and met a family from George West that belonged to the cowboy church there and brought their horses here to wait out the storm. We briefly chatted then held a prayer service and instantly I thought of Matthew 18:20 “For wherever two or three are gathered together in name, there am I in the midst of them.” That prayer we had really moved me and again I thought about the mustard seed parable and moving mountains. We had prayed for everyone's safety and the animals safety as well as for the looters that we're already being reported as being seen in Corpus. The next day after landfall I found out that our house was intact and nothing appeared to be damaged, the truck yard faired really great and the airport property where all the trucks were in barns was also in great shape. And again the mustard seed faith and moving mountains was right there staring me in the face. A 20-30 mile wobble in Harvey's path and my story could be completely different. God is good all the time; all the time God is good.
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    Re: My Harvey experience

    Thank you for sharing.

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