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"The Son" by grasssnake

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  • "The Son" by grasssnake

    I had a dream the other night
    My tranquil sleep from me took flight
    I dreamt my lord had become a man
    To teach redemption to a hateful band
    They knew his father this band proclaimed
    They knew his will, they knew his name
    This God-man they so cruelly accused
    He doubted their wisdom
    He doubted men's rules
    He vexed their souls with talk of sin
    He talked of a kingdom
    God's peace with men
    The humble listened quiet and still
    The proud plotted evil and desired to kill
    They accused and they lied but could not agree
    They said, "Kill the king set Barabbas free"
    He went as a lamb to the slaughter meek
    King of the Jews the sign said in Greek
    Can he save himself as others he did?
    Said the rulers with hopes of Him soon to be rid.
    I must say, it does my heart nothing but good
    To know that for me in sin's place that he stood
    He took the blows for my sins piled up high
    He paid the price my redemption to buy
    Could I breath could I think if it weren't for his grace
    He built mansions on high and for me there's a place
    All the mysteries all the questions will not matter up there
    We'll praise Him and love him with eons to spare.