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  • Divorce

    My brother came to me last night. Seems hes meet a lady he likes but comes to find out she was divorced.

    He wanted my opinion on what the Bible says about people re marrying after divorce.

    I tend to think against it, but wanted to see some other opinions by those who probably know the Bible better than me.

    I use Matthew 5:32 to support my original position. It seems to state against re marrying unless cause of divorce was adultery.

    The cause in this case was abuse and abandonment but I am unsure if there was any cheating.
    She was a christian,he was not. My brother obviously is,or he wouldn't care about what the Bible says.

    Thanks for any opinions on this subject. I may link him to this, I may not.

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    It seems by the verse that re marriage would be acceptable if the marriage was terminated because of adultery,as divorce is acceptable in that case.

    That tells me re marriage is acceptable if the divorce was also acceptable.

    After some thought I have to think the only question, is if the circumstances of strong abuse and multiple rapes and abandonment equal the Biblical basis for divorce.

    What say you?


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      Either way I'm pretty sure GOD will see it for what it is and if any sin be there it will be forgiven.


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        yes i understand that but he is concerned as he is looking to not commit sin in the first place. i certainly argee with you, ive told him to pray about it and do what he honestly feels is right rather than worry about other peoples ideas on what God meant.


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          The Bible also tells us in Corithinians that if the unbeleiver leaves then the beleiver is not under any oath, regarding the marriage.

          The Bible also tells us that a man is to provide for his own. If he does not he is worse than an infidel and should not eat. This means that a man is to provide not just the paycheck but emotionally, physically, and most of all be the spiritual leader of the family unit. If he abandons this then he has in essence left his family.

          The lady in question, was she a Christian prior to the divorce or after? Was her former husband a Christian?

          I have been down this road myself and my marriage has been a blessing beyond all expectation.



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            In my years in the pulpit I have preached against divorce always favoring reconciliation. Then my youngest daughter came to me with the story of her husband and the ten years she spent under his emotional and mental abuse. Abuse always leaves scars; some you see, some you don't. I too found solace in Corinthians. My future ex-son-in-law had played a good Christian game, good enough to fool me. My wife and I entered into deep and extraordinary prayer with our daughter over the issue and we all received the Peace that passes all understanding in the matter. Although she is not at fault in this dissolved marriage, and she would be free to remarry, she says that she "married in haste and now will repent in leisure". As to future remarriage that may be in the picture some time in the future, but not now. I would offer that both your brother and the lady, being both believing Christians should spend some time with their clergy in prayer. Let us know how all this works out.
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              Originally posted by Tread Head:

              The lady in question, was she a Christian prior to the divorce or after? Was her former husband a Christian?

              I have been down this road myself and my marriage has been a blessing beyond all expectation.

              She was a christian prior to the marriages beginnings, he played a christian game from the beginning but really was not,like Rev Joels story.


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                personally I think the Lord will take the whole situation into account.

                There is a world of difference between leaving some one because of abuse and running off with someone for the thrill of it.
                The person doing the running will have a lot to account for but the one left behind, what sin have they committed?
                My God isn't big on punishing victims of others for things the persecutor did.
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