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    A thread got locked about who was Cain's wife? Who he built a city with? And who was after him? Then for some reason it was locked but what was never discussed was the "life of Cain", one of the lost books of the bible that discusses all these issues. This is actually paramount as I have never read the script but have thought about this a lot. Cain took a wife in the land of nod, which in latin I believe means "ape". So if there were no more children of Adam and Eve at the time, who did Cain end up with? See I have struggled with this one for a long time so any help would be appreciated since no one seems to want to discuss it but then again it is a big question.

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    I think the consensus is that Cain married one of his sisters which would have been normal practice at that time in human history. As far as who was after him, that could have been any of Abel's brothers who would have sought justice for Abel. Cain could have built that city over the course of centuries with the help of his children and succeding generations of Cainites. Just my ideas, hope it helps.


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      The land of Nod literally translates to "the land of the wanderers; where we get the word Nomad.
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