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Earthquakes and Volcanos' and end times scenerio

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  • Earthquakes and Volcanos' and end times scenerio

    I don`t know who the author of this article is but i thought it was interesting.

    Earthquake & Volcano List for the Last 30 Days

    Posted on 11/03/2002 6:41 PM PST by Dallas

    11/03/2002 Mild Earthquake in Nebraska

    11/03/2002 Major earthquake rocks central Alaska

    11/03/2002 10 Killed As Quake Rocks Pakistan

    11/03/2002 Airport Shuts As Volcano Erupts in Equador

    11/02/2002 Strong Earthquake Rocks N. Japan

    11/01/2002 Northern Sumatra, Indonesia hit by 7.5 Earthquake

    11/01/2002 New "strong" quake rocks south-central Italy

    10/29/2002 Quake Rattles Erupting Etna

    10/27/2002 Europe's Biggest Volcano Spews Lava As Earthquakes Signal Latest
    Return To Life

    10/22/2002 Earthquake in Wyoming

    10/16/2002 Mauna Loa Could be Headed for Eruption

    10/11/2002 Indonesia Quake Rips Two-Mile Crack in Ground

    10/10/2002 Earthquake Bulletin 7.1 in Java

    (The above list was the last 30 days, the article below was written well over
    a month ago.)

    Sun Flairs, Magnetic Flips, Superdeep Quakes,
    Caldera Blasts, Seamount Slides,
    Tsunamis, and Global Disasters!

    Explanations to the physical mechanisms behind a set of natural Last Days disasters.

    These disasters appear to follow on the heels of each other—one after another.
    It is as if one event leads into, and triggers, the next.
    Is it possible that a chain reaction is taking place?
    Here is a seven-stage scenario:

    The sun enters one of its periods of intense plasmatic solar storms triggering huge solar flairs. These flairs send enormous streams of ions flying into space.

    When these ionic solar winds strike the Earth they trigger a flip in the Earth’s magnetic field. The North Pole becomes the South Pole.
    This flip takes place because the Earth’s magnetic field has also entered into an unstable period, and is susceptible to the impact of the intensified solar winds.
    Both astro and geo science have documented the declining and unstable condition of the earth’s magnetic field.
    They have also documented previous flips in the magnetic poles.

    The flip of the poles triggers a plasma-based, superdeep earthquake.
    At depths of 200 to 300 miles, the Earth’s molten core reaches such a state of pressure and heat that the elements are turned into highly ionized plasma. This is believed by some to be the source of the magnetic field of the earth.

    In contrast to a superdeep plasma quake, more than 99.999% of all recorded earthquakes are caused by the relatively shallow movement of the earth’s crust. As enormous as these fault-caused crust quakes can be, they are limited in their size and scope of damage.

    Because of the maximum tensile strength of rock, the movement that causes a fault quake cannot be much greater than 30 feet before the pressure is released, and a quake takes place. Also, they can extend for only a relatively short distance.

    For example, the great San Francisco quake of 1906 was a 22-foot slip along the San Andreas Fault. It did not slide as far south as southern California.

    These fault-caused quakes are not plasma based, they are not superdeep, and they are not global.
    Fault-caused quakes cannot be as destructive as the Last Days earthquake described in prophecy.
    So, for years I could not figure out how an earthquake could be so enormous. Even the New Madrid “drop” quake could not begin to explain such a shaking.

    Then, eight years ago, a superdeep plasma quake took place 400 miles below the rain forests of Bolivia.
    Bolivia lies more than a thousand miles south of the equator, but the quake shook skyscrapers in Toronto, Canada!
    This was not an especially big plasma quake. It was not caused by a flip in the poles.
    A flip in the magnetic poles may well be the result of the plasmatic flip of virtually the entire molten core of the earth.
    This flip could then trigger a plasma based quake so large that it could shake down buildings around the world.
    In turn, the plasma quake will also trigger many “smaller” crust quakes along numerous fault lines around the world. The San Andreas could slip again. This time the slip will approach 30 feet, and it could extend much farther.

    The global quake would then trigger the collapse of the floors of a handful of the super caldera volcanoes.
    Even if only one caldera volcano collapses, the resulting super blast would darken the sun around the world and blanket the Earth with ash.
    Caldera volcanoes are not as easily seen as the relatively “small” mountain volcanoes, such as Krakatoa, St. Helens, or the 14,400-foot Mt. Rainier.
    For example, most of Yellowstone National Park is a caldera volcano! Because of the nature of this kind of volcano, the rim is not even visible to most people.
    There is a caldera volcano in California with a visible rim. But it is so enormous that settlers did not realize that the low mountains surrounding the valley floor were actually a volcano rim, and the flat valley floor was a caldera.
    Three towns now exist entirely within the rim of this caldera—and the floor of the caldera is rising relatively fast—in some places a foot in ten years. The hot spot is still under it, so it is still active.
    Caldera volcanoes are so enormous they cannot build a cone. When they erupt, the vast landmass above them first collapses down into the molten lava below, where it is quickly super-heated. The super-heating is so fast that the landmass is transformed, and suddenly blasted into the stratosphere in the form of powdered ash.
    The perimeter of the Yellowstone Caldera runs for more than 120 miles. At one point the caldera is 53 miles long and 28 miles wide.
    The dimensions of this caldera are comparable to the Los Angeles basin, which spreads inland to San Bernardino. The Yellowstone Caldera covers nearly 1,400 square miles!
    This means that as much as a thousand cubic miles of land mass will be blasted into the stratosphere by the “super cannon” of the Yellowstone Caldera.
    In comparison, Mount St. Helens was a firecracker.
    Yellowstone last blew 600,000 years ago and scientists believe it is due for another blast—with or without the help of a polar flip. When it blows it will darken the sun and cover the entire world in ash. It will be catastrophic to the global climate and to life in general.
    Now imagine four or five of these blowing around the world, at the same time, and as a result of a global plasma quake.
    The quakes and eruptions trigger the collapse of some of the world’s largest seamount islands.
    The giant fault running the length of the big island of Hawaii finally releases.
    Nearly half of the mass of the mountain island slides two miles down to sea level, picking up speed as it goes. It then continues on down to the bottom of the sea three miles below the surface, picking up more speed as it goes. Once on the sea bottom, the mass of the mountain will run out for 150 miles into the Pacific.
    There is more landmass involved in this collapse than in the Yellowstone blast.
    Mount Everest pales in the amount of its landmass when compared to these seamounts. The island of Hawaii stands nearly six miles from its base to its summit, in essentially one continuous slope, and the entire slope will slide.
    At least seventeen giant seamount landslides have already taken place in the Hawaiian Islands alone. Some were as large, or larger, than the one just described. This is why the older the volcanic island is, the smaller it is.
    Look at a map of the Hawaiian Islands. The farther north they go, the smaller they get. This is because the farther north they are, the older they are.
    This “linear age shift” is due to the southward movement of the molten hot spot that gave rise to the volcanoes that created the islands. In times past, the northern most islands were similar in size to the youngest, and now largest, “big island”.
    The most unstable of all the volcanic seamounts is not in the Hawaiian Islands; it stands in the Canaries off the coast of North Africa. This seamount already stands nearly three miles above the ocean floor before it breaks the surface. It is shaking right now. The weak “slide side” faces the east coast of North America.
    When released, these slides will trigger giant tsunami waves that will strike the coasts of all the continents.
    While crossing the oceans, some of the tsunamis will be high enough to sweep cars off the Golden Gate Bridge. No ship in their path will survive.
    These giant tsunamis will run up on shore at speeds approaching eight hundred miles per hour!
    When they run up on shore, some will rise to a height of more than 1,400 feet, capable of completely covering the tallest buildings on earth.
    Manhattan and Long Island, as well as the Los Angeles basin, will be scraped to the bedrock. Florida will not exist anymore. Hawaii, and many other great islands, will only be a memory.
    People will flee for their lives to the mountains and the caves.
    Terror will overwhelm them. They will pray to die.
    So this is how we get from sun flair, to magnetic flip, to superdeep quake, to caldera blast, to seamount slide, to tsunami wave, to super disaster!
    Note that this scenario does not include one locust, one nuclear blast, or one giant asteroid.
    For example, in prophetic imagery, mountains are empires, not asteroids.
    So I do not believe that the giant flaming mountain is a natural disaster.
    The giant flaming mountain that is cast into the sea is a perfect prophetic image of the sudden nuclear destruction of a powerful empire. Being cast into the sea prophetically represents its return into the sea of nations, or peoples.
    When this empire dies, one third of the earth will die with it.
    I believe that the flaming mountain represents the sudden fire-based ambush and death of Great Babylon.
    While the prophetic image of the great, fire-destroyed empire is the spiritual fulfillment of the flaming mountain; it does not preclude an asteroid strike as well. So don’t get too upset with me when I do not believe that it is an asteroid.
    But the prophecy can be easily and clearly fulfilled without an asteroid strike.
    And the magnetic flip can take place without a solar storm.
    And the superdeep plasma quake can take place without a polar flip.
    And the Yellowstone Caldera can darken the global skies without a plasma quake.
    And the seamounts can slide into the sea without a plasma quake.
    BUT the super tsunami cannot take place without the seamount slide.