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    I don't offend easy, that said it is the purpose to my understanding that part of the mission of this particular forum of the board is so if we have questions about other faiths we can ask them here in brother and sisterhood and learn to satisfy our curiosities.

    I have been a Latter day Saint all my life so i from time to time have questions too about other faiths. Just because i am happy with mine does not isolate me from wanting learn about other denominations or faiths.

    I believe each man/woman is given to believe in God according to their understanding of him and to grow to understand more,if there is no discourse between faiths how would that happen?

    One of the most embarrassing moments of my life was asking a Ctholic why they pray to the "Virgin Mary" after directing traffic at a rosary march for them.(i will do nothing to keep others from practicing the tenents of their faith and am not above enabling them to do so!)

    Conversly, I don't believe God would have intended any of his faithful to attack each other from their pulpits or on the street and I do not do so, excepting faiths who have outright adulterated Gods word so bad satan could have written their scripture like islam who outright teaches the opposite of God's and Christ's teachings!


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      Swampfighter, i'll agree i don't have horns(and i have had some old folks look for them!) but i definately have aquired some "thorns" in my lifetime,usually put there by something stupid i did!