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    Hi Sandune, hope your electronics are still good after the T-storms.

    Here is a link to a site that can answer your questions better than I can (takes up less space here too!)

    Please take note of what is said about non-Jews and atonement as it is Scripturally based.

    Could you please explain to me what you meant by Noah being a Semite? I don't understand what you are saying/asking/explaining, and I don't want to steer you in a wrong direction. I'll include a link to another site about the Covenant of Noah (it is a long read, but you can download individual articles as you want to and not have to load up your files.

    I hope that answers your question(?) about Noah, you can e-mail me as I think if I post anything more that is not Roman Christianity I may get banned Keep in touch!

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    Thanks PM, that link about Qorbanot is certainly interesting. It describes very will how the Jews rationalize their loss of the Temple. I have always understood that the Temple sacrifices were mainly to atone for the sins of the Nation of Israel(collective). Since this isn't possible and hasn't been possible for nearly 2000 years, I fully understand why they would argue that it isn't necessary for forgiveness, not that I agree with their premise. Since the sacrifice has ceased (that's clue in itself) then they MUST find some other way for atonement. They orthodox Jews understand that it isn't a complete atonement, that's why they urgently desire to rebuild the Temple. I know that the Temple will be rebuilt and offerings will be made, but the times will be interesting indeed.

    About the Noah thing, if you followed what I posted earlier about the age of the Earth, you will see that I believe in the Intelligent Design theory of Creation. Having studied earth science, I found the evidence is not in favor of a world wide flood as believed by the 7day Creationist. However, the Bible is clear that Noah did ride out a flood that destroyed his world. Recent geologic studies have shown that it is possible for a flood of a Biblical magnitude to have occured in the Black Sea about 5000yr. BC. If Noah lived on the shores of the Black Sea, he certainly could have built a ship to save him and his family and the known creatures of that area. As the flood withdrew, he would find himself on the foothills of Mt. Ararat. All the other humans, to his knowledge would have perished. He would not nor could have known of his distant cousins residing outside the immediate Black Sea area.


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